Abar Khabo
Abar Khabo Sandesh
Place of originIndia
Region or stateCalcutta, West Bengal
Created byNobin Chandra Das
Serving temperaturenormal temperature
Main ingredientsKheer

Abar Khabo (English: Eat Again) is a sweet originating in West Bengal that consists of two concentric spheres containing pistachios, cashews, raisins and kheer.[1][2]


Abar khabo was invented by Nobin Chandra Das when requested by the Maharani Swarnamoyee Devi of Cossimbazar to create a new kind of sweet. Upon eating the abar khabo the Maharani exclaimed "আবার খাবো" (Abar Khabo) which became its name.[3][4]

Kolkata-based sweet shops of the Gupta Brothers and Bhim Chandra Nag are known for making abar khabo.[5]

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