A list of the abbots of the abbey of Peterborough, known until the late 10th century as "Medeshamstede".


Name Dates Works Notes
Sexwulf c. 654–
c. 676
Founder. Bishop of Mercia c. 676–?x692.
Cuthbald c. 676
Egbald before 716
Botwine ?x765–
Beonna ?x789–
Hedda 870
Ealdwulf 972-992 Archbishop of York, 995-1002.
Cenwulf 992-1006 Built wall around the abbey. Bishop of Winchester, 1006.
Ælfsige 1006–1042 Accompanied Æthelred the Unready and Emma to Normandy in 1013.
Earnwig 1042–1052 A "very good man and very sincere", he "resigned although still in good health".
Leofric 1057–1066 Endowed the monastery "so that it became known as 'Golden Borough'".
Brand 1066–1069
Thorold/Torold de Fécamp 1069–1098 Viewed the abbey as a source of personal wealth for himself and his associates with his enfeoffments accounting for 46% of the abbey's property.
Godric 4 days in 1099
Matthias 1103–1104
Ernulf 1107–1114 Began a building campaign. Bishop of Rochester, 1115. He was influential in restoring the abbey's finances.
John de Séez 1114–1125 Continued the building work and, though in 1116 a great fire caused considerable damage, rebuilding began in 1117.
Abbey held by King Henry I 1125–1127
Henry de Angeli 1128–1133 Did nothing towards the rebuilding. He wasted the goods of the abbey and was banished.
Martin de Bec 1133–1155 Continued construction works. Formerly a monk of Bec and prior of St Neots.
William of Waterville 1155–1175 Deposed
Benedict 1177–1194 Chronicler.
Andrew 1194–1199 West front.
Acharius 1200–1210 West front.
Robert of Lindsey 1214–1222
Alexander of Holderness 1222–1226
Martin of Ramsey 1226–1233
Walter of Bury St. Edmunds 1233–1245 Abbot at the time of the building's final completion through the solemn dedication of the church on 6, October 1238.
William of Hotoft 1246–1249
John de Caux 1250–1262
Robert of Sutton 1262–1273
Richard of London 1274–1295
William of Woodford 1295–1299
Godfrey of Crowland 1299–1321 A chapel of St Thomas of Canterbury was built between the church and the Lady Chapel.
Adam of Boothby 1321–1338
Henry of Morcott 1338–1353
Robert of Ramsey 1353–1361
Henry of Overton 1361–1391
Nicholas of Elmstow 1391–1396
William Genge 1397–1408
John Deeping 1409–1439
Richard Ashton 1439–1471
William Ramsey 1471–1496
Robert Kirton 1496–1528 The latest part of the church, and the only ever enlargement of the eastern arm, the square ended building at the east known as "the new building".
John Chambers 1528–1539 Rewarded for complicity during the Dissolution with being made first bishop of Peterborough - care for the former abbey church, which became the bishop's cathedral, passed to the dean of Peterborough.


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