Abbottina rivularis
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Cyprinidae
Subfamily: Gobioninae
Genus: Abbottina
D. S. Jordan & Fowler, 1903
Type species
Abbottina psegma
Jordan & Fowler 1903

Abbottina is a genus of ray-finned fish in the family Cyprinidae,[1] the carps and minnows. They are native to eastern Asia (China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam).[2] The genus was named for the American zoologist James Fisher Abbott, student at Stanford University and later professor of English at Naval Academy Etajima and of zoology at Washington University.[3][4]


There are currently 5 recognized species in this genus:


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