The Iranian grading system is similar to that of France's and other French-patterned grading systems such as Belgium, Lebanon, Venezuela, and Peru in secondary schools and universities. Since a grading guideline is not provided by the Iranian Ministry of Education, conversion to the international scales is carried out using conversion guideline provided for French-patterned grading systems. In specific cases, grades are converted according to the destination institutes' grading policy. The passing grade is 10 and usually a grade of more than 14 out of 20 is considered excellent. The following table is most commonly used by world institutes and universities to convert from the Iranian grading system:[1]

14–20 A "Upper Class Honors": 1
12–13.99 B "Second-Class Honors": 2:1
10.1–11.99 C+ "Lower Second-Class Honors": 2:2
10 C "Third-Class Honors": 3rd
9–9.99 C− "Third-Class Honors": 3rd
8–8.99 D "Third-Class Honors": 3rd
0–7.99 F -

The above table does not corroborate with the scale most U.S. and Canadian institutions use where a grade between 18-20 scale to an "A," 15-17 scale to a "B," 12-14 scale to a "C," a grade between 10-11 is treated as a "D," and a score below 10 is considered a failing grade. [2]

The above is also noted in the Scholaro Database. [3]


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