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A roll of adhesive tape in a dispenser

Adhesive tape is one of many varieties of backing materials coated with an adhesive. Several types of adhesives can be used.[1]


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Pressure-sensitive tape

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Dennison Mending Tape from the second half of the 20th century. From the Museo del Objeto del Objeto collection.

Pressure-sensitive tape, PSA tape, self-stick tape or sticky tape consists of a pressure sensitive adhesive coated onto a backing material such as paper, plastic film, cloth, or metal foil. It is sticky (tacky) without any heat or solvent for activation and adheres to surfaces with light pressure. Typical adhesives are polymers such as acrylates, natural, and synthetic rubber. These tapes usually require a release agent on their backing or a release liner to cover the adhesive. Sometimes, the term "adhesive tape" is used for these tapes.

Water-activated tape

Water-activated tape, gummed paper tape or gummed tape is starch- or sometimes animal glue-based adhesive on a paper backing which becomes sticky when moistened.

A specific type of gummed tape is called reinforced gummed tape (RGT). The backing of this reinforced tape consists of two layers of paper with a cross-pattern of fiberglass filaments laminated between. The laminating adhesive had previously been asphalt but now is more commonly a hot-melt atactic polypropylene.

Gummed tapes are described in ASTM D5749-01(2006)[2] Standard Specification for Reinforced and Plain gummed Tape for Sealing and Securing.

Water-activated tape is used for closing and sealing boxes. Before closing corrugated fiberboard boxes, the tape is wetted or remoistened, activated by water. The tape is mostly 3 inch or 7.5 cm wide.

Heat-sensitive tape

Heat-activated tape is usually tack-free until it is activated by a heat source. This is particularly useful in the semiconductor industry.

Drywall tape

Drywall tape is paper, cloth, or mesh, sometimes with a gummed or PSA adhesive. It is used to make the joints between sheets of drywall materials.[3]

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