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AdriPSX ILE is a PlayStation emulator. AdriPSX works in 14 languages. It is able to run PS ONE games from the CDROM as well as CDROM Binary Images (ISOs).[1]


Here's a news item from ZDNet:[permanent dead link]. It appears to be beta. but its out.

Its author founded a company Torum, after cofounding and later abandoning Kaze Networking and Automation SA.

After publishing Duos DSEMU, a new Nintendo DS emulator, Roor resumed development on AdriPSX. New beta release, as well as access to older versions was reestablished on its official blog.

System Requirements


Processor RAM Graphics Sound
P166 MMX or AMD Equivalent 64 MB Decent Graphics Card Decent Sound Card


Processor RAM Graphics Sound
PII 450 or AMD Athlon/Duron 256 MB Decent 3D Graphics Card Soundblaster compatible card

AdriPSX ILE runs well on systems with integrated graphics and sound chipsets like Sony's PCV-J150 VAIO computers


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