The English conductor Sir Adrian Boult was a prolific recording artist. Unlike many musicians, he felt at home in the recording studio and actually preferred working without an audience.[1] His recording career ran from November 1920, when working with Diaghilev's Ballets Russes he recorded the ballet music, The Good-Humoured Ladies, to December 1978, when he made his final recording of music by Hubert Parry.[2]

A discography of Boult recordings was compiled by Mike Ashman and published in Records and Recording, July 1974. A further discography by Nigel Simeone was published in Sir Adrian Boult: Companion of Honour, 1980, Midas Books. A third, A Boult Discography, compiled by Alan Sanders, was published by The Gramophone in 1981.[2] The following list draws on the first two of these, and on record companies' catalogues and back numbers of The Gramophone. It consists chiefly of Boult's studio recordings. Since his death, some recordings of his live concerts have been released by the BBC and others, and details of these are given below, where known.

The following abbreviations are used in the list:

Recordings, listed alphabetically by composer


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