Adur Narseh
King of Kings of Iran and non-Iran[a]
Shahanshah of the Sasanian Empire
PredecessorHormizd II
SuccessorShapur II
HouseHouse of Sasan
FatherHormizd II
MotherIfra Hormizd

Adur Narseh (Persian: آذرنرسه) was the ninth Sasanian King of Kings of Iran briefly in 309. Following his father's death, the nobles and Zoroastrian clergy saw an opportunity to gain influence within the Empire. Thus, they murdered Adur Narseh, blinded one of his brothers and forced another brother (Hormizd) to flee.[1] He was succeeded by his infant brother Shapur II.[2]

Adur Narseh is only mentioned in some Greek sources, while oriental sources make no mention of him, and none of his coins have yet been found.[3] The credibility of these Greek sources regarding Adur Narseh is questioned by Nikolaus Schindel, who believes that Adur Narseh probably never ruled.[3]


  1. ^ Also spelled "King of Kings of Iranians and non-Iranians".


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Adur Narseh Sasanian dynasty Died: 309 Preceded byHormizd II King of Kings of Iran and non-Iran 309 Succeeded byShapur II