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Aega (also spelled Ega or Egua) was the mayor of the palace and regent, alongside the queen mother Nanthild, of Neustria and Burgundy from 639, on the death of Dagobert I, to his death in 641, during the reign of the minor Clovis II. He was a hardened opponent of the local Burgundian nobility. On his death, at Clichy, Nanthild replaced him in Burgundy by Flaochad, a Frank and like opponent of the local power factions. The magnates elevated Erchinoald to his mayoralty in Neustria.

Preceded byGundoald Mayor of the Palace of Neustria 639–641 Succeeded byErchinoald Preceded byBrodulf Mayor of the Palace of Burgundy 639–641 Succeeded byFlaochad