Afrikaner self-determination Party

Afrikaner Selfbeskikking Party
LeaderAdv Jurg Prinsloo
ChairpersonCharl Hertzog
SecretaryHenry White
Operational HeadAdv Jurg Prinsloo
Deputy LeaderWillie Cloete
ChairmanCharl Hertzog
TreasurerElize Cloete
Youth LeaderPeet Fouche
Founded10 January 2020
Preceded byFront National
IdeologyWhite nationalism
Cultural conservatism
Self-determination Volkstaat
Political positionFar-right
International affiliationWorld National-Conservative Movement
Orange, white and blue
SloganJou stem bepaal jou toekoms en die van jou kinders
National Assembly
0 / 400

Afrikaner self-determination Party (Afrikaans: Afrikaner Selfbeskikking Party, ASP) is a South African far-right political party formed in early 2020 as a successor to the Front National.[1] The party promotes secession and Afrikaner self-determination.[2]

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