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Akoko South-East
Coordinates: 7°25′N 5°55′E / 7.42°N 5.91°E / 7.42; 5.91.
Country Nigeria
StateOndo State
 • Land200 sq mi (530 km2)
1,142 ft (348 m)
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Akoko South-East[1] is a Local Government Area in Ondo State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in Isua (Akoko).[2] Akoko South-East is one of sixteen Local Government Areas in the Akoko division.


The landscape is a mix of savannah and lowland forest. Annual rainfall ranges between 8cm-150cm (3.14in - 59.05in) per year with an average temperature of 28-35 °C (82-95 °F).[3] The territory is divided into Isua Oke and Isua Ile.


The origins of Isua can be traced back to the ancient Benin Empire.


The population was 82,426 according to the 2006 census.


In Isua, only those who come from the royal Odovia family can be crowned as king.

The king resides in Isua Oke.

Location Area/district
Abulenla Supare-Akoko
Ago Ajayi Oba-Akoko
Ago Flower Supare-Akoko
Ago Ojo Oba-Akoko
Ago Oka Oba-Akoko
Ago-Orikuta Supare-Akoko
Akunagba -Akoko Akungba-Akoko
Akunnu Akunnu/Isowopo
Alegunle Oka-Akoko
Auga Akunnu/Isowopo
Ayegunle Ifira-Akoko
Epinmi-Akoko Epinmi-Akoko
Etioro Akungba-Akoko
Iboropa Akunnu/Isowopo
Igboegun Supare-Akoko
Igbonla Supare-Akoko
Ikakumo Akunnu/Isowopo
Ikun-Akoko Ifira-Akoko
Ipe-Akoko Ipe Akoko
Ise Akunnu/Isowopo
Isua-Akoko Isua-Akoko
Iwaro Oka-Akoko
Oka-Akoko Oka-Akoko
Ose-Oba Oba-Akoko
Sosan-Akoko Sosan -Akoko

Ipe Akoko is a town in Akoko South East in Ondo State.


It is an agricultural community. The town is situated on rocky terrain. It comprises ten quarters: Iba, Okun, Isinodo, Ilegbe, Igbede, Ugbe, Itoto, Ipaso, Uwi and Uthakpe quarters. The current king is His Royal Majesty, Oba Evangelist Francis Omokanjuola Apata, The Arogunbola II.


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