Al-Hilal SCSC
Full nameAl-Hilal Sports Cultural & Social Club
GroundMartyrs of February Stadium, Benina
ChairmanNader Bushnaf
ManagerTarek Thabet
LeagueLibyan Premier League
2018–194th (Group 1)

Al-Hilal Sports Cultural & Social Club (Arabic: نادي الهلال الرياضي الثقافي الاجتماعي‎) also known as Al-Hilal Benghazi is a Libyan professional association football club based in Benghazi, Libya that competes in the Libyan Premier League.

The club has witnessed huge development milestones at the level of infrastructure, strategic development plans and marketing under the leadership of the new board of directors (Nader Bushnaf) and the Sports Director Hossamedin Bedier. [1]

Bedier joined Al Hilal SC, as one of the biggest clubs in Libya. and became the youngest Director of Sports Development in Africa. This role was also in the difficult postwar context of the country.[2][3][4]


Runners-up (2): 1964–65, 2000
Winners (1): 2000–02
Runners-up (4): 1976–77, 1997–98, 2003–04, 2016-17, 2017-18

Performance in CAF competitions

2001 – First Round
2003 – Second Round

Current players

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