Al Awir
Al Awir
Al Awir
Location of Al Awir within the UAE
Coordinates: 25°10′30″N 55°32′30″E / 25.17500°N 55.54167°E / 25.17500; 55.54167Coordinates: 25°10′30″N 55°32′30″E / 25.17500°N 55.54167°E / 25.17500; 55.54167
Town United Arab Emirates
Emirate Dubai

Al Awir, also spelled Al Aweer (Arabic: العوير) is a town in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, located about 35 kilometers from the city center. It has long been a centre of agriculture and camel breeding.[1][2] Among many other Dubai families who have farms at Al Awir, Dubai's ruling Maktoum family maintains a farm in the area.[3]

It is home to the Al Awir Fruit & Vegetable Market,[4] as well as Al Awir Central Jail.[5]

In 2018 the immigration centre at Al Awir was the location of a major 'amnesty centre', where people who had overstayed their UAE work visas could apply to leave the country with no fines or penalties.[6]

Al Awir is adjacent to the Emirates Road (E611) and is bordered by Ras al Khor in Dubai and Lahbab to the East.


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