Original author(s)Joe Wilm[1]
Developer(s)Kirill Chibisov, Christian Dürr[2]
Stable release
0.12.0[3] Edit this on Wikidata / 24 March 2023; 43 days ago (24 March 2023)
Written inRust
Operating systemmacOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD
Platformx86-64, IA-32
LicenseApache License, Version 2.0

Alacritty is a free and open-source GPU-accelerated terminal emulator focused on performance and simplicity. Consequently, it does not support tabs or splits and is configured by editing a text file. It is written in Rust and uses OpenGL (for performance).[4][5][6] A similar terminal emulator that uses OpenGL is kitty.


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Joe Wilm announced Alacritty in his blog on 6 January 2017. He describes it as "the result of frustration with existing terminal emulators. Using vim inside tmux in many terminals was a particularly bad experience. None of them were ever quite fast enough". He found urxvt and st difficult to configure and criticized their "inability to run on non-X11 platforms".[1]

With the release of version 0.2.0 in September 2018 Alacritty gained support for scrollback.[7]

In version 0.3.0, released in April 2019, Alacritty entered beta stage and support for Windows, text reflow, and clicking on URLs was added.[8]

In version 0.5.0, released in July 2020, a mode with vi keybindings for searching and copying text was added.[9]

In version 0.6.0, released in November 2020, a new Ctrl+C binding to cancel search and leave vi mode was added.[10]


Alacritty supports true color in addition to the standard 16 ANSI colors.[11]

Alacritty explicitly does not support tabs or splits because similar functionality can be achieved with a terminal multiplexer or window manager.[12][13]


Alacritty is configured by editing a template file in YAML format, for example:[5]

        background: '#000000'

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