Albania at the
1972 Summer Olympics
Flag of Albania (1946–1992).svg
NOCAlbanian National Olympic Committee (in Albanian)
in Munich
Competitors5 (4 men and 1 woman) in 2 sports
Flag bearer Afërdita Tusha (Shooting)
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)

Albania competed at the Summer Olympic Games for the first time at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany. Five competitors, four men and one woman, took part in three events in two sports.[1]

the albanian team (at the background track) entering in the opening ceremony
the albanian team (at the background track) entering in the opening ceremony

The flagbear at the opening ceremony was Shooter Afërdita Tusha[2] who competed for Albania in the 50 m free pistol together with fellow albanian shooter Fatos Pilkati

She was also the first woman to represent Albania at the Olympics.[3]

Fatos achieved the best result in his category finishing with 546 points in the 24th position, while Aferdita finished her first campaign below the top 50's with 522 points in total.[4]

The other two shooter who represented Albania were Ismail Rama and Beqir Kosova in the 50 m rifle prone discipline. Ismail Rama had the best result for Albania in Shooting as he finished in rank 22 with an score of 594 in the end.[5]

Albania made his debut in Weightlifting with Weightlifter Ymer Pampuri, in the Men's 60 kg Event. He became the first Albanian to break an World record as he lifted in the military press 127,5 KG.[6] He finished this category in first place. Despite the good start he wasn't able to keep this form up as finished his next category only in 12th place. As he finished his olympics in the 9th place. The best placement at this Summer Olympics for Albania.


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Four shooters, three men and one woman, represented Albania in 1972.

Athlete Event Final
Score Rank
Fatos Pilkati 50 m free pistol 546 24
Afërdita Tusha 522 51
Ismail Rama 50 m rifle prone 594 22
Beqir Kosova 587 66


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Athlete Event Military press Snatch Clean & Jerk Total Rank
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
Ymer Pampuri 60 kg 127.5 OR 1 90.0 12 125.0 10 342.5 9


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