HeadquartersHenderson, Nevada,
United States
ProductsActive-HDL, ALINT-PRO, Riviera-PRO, Spec-TRACER, RTAX/RTSX Prototyping, HES-DVM, HES-7, TySOM

Aldec, Inc. is a privately owned electronic design automation company based in Henderson, Nevada that provides software and hardware used in creation and verification of digital designs targeting FPGA and ASIC technologies.

As a member of Accellera and IEEE Standards Association Aldec actively participates in the process of developing new standards and updating existing standards (e.g. VHDL, SystemVerilog). Aldec provides a hardware description language (HDL) simulation engine for other EDA tools such as Altium Designer and bundles special version of its tools with FPGA vendors software such as Lattice.[1]






Aldec provides fully functional, heavily discounted versions of its software for educational institutions worldwide (Kumaon Engineering College, National Technology University).

Aldec also offers a special Student-Edition of Active-HDL, downloadable from Aldec's website. The Student-Edition has limited design capacity and some reduction of program functionality, but supports both design languages (Verilog resp. VHDL).

The company also supports local education - in 1999 it contributed to the establishment of the "Aldec Digital Design Laboratory" at the UNLV.[4]

Aldec software is packaged with several electronic design related books (e.g. "Digital Design: Principles and Practices", "CONTEMPORARY LOGIC DESIGN").

Student Edition of Active-HDL was the first HDL simulator to be sold at Walmart.[5]

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