Alexander Buzo (23 July 1944 – 16 August 2006) was an Australian playwright and author who wrote 88 works.[1]

Early life

Buzo was born in Sydney in 1944 to an Albanian-born father and an Australian mother. He attended The Armidale School in Armidale and the International School of Geneva before graduating from the University of New South Wales.[citation needed]

Playwriting career

Buzo's first play, Norm and Ahmed, explored issues of racism and generational envy and hit the headlines around Australia in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when those involved in productions in Queensland and Victoria were charged with obscenity for use of the word "fucking." The charges were eventually quashed by the Attorney-General. Other plays include Rooted, The Front Room Boys, Macquarie, Tom, Coralie Lansdowne Says No, Martello Towers, Makassar Reef, The Marginal Farm, Big River, Stingray, Shellcove Road and Pacific Union.

Subsequent career

Alex Buzo achieved success in most literary genres. He published many witty and insightful books on Australian life, language and sport, and his articles on many varied subjects including reviews and travel writing were published in all the major newspapers and magazines in Australia.

In his writing career he wrote for the children's animation show, Arthur and the Square Knights of the Round Table.[2]

In 2001 he gave the 3rd annual Tom Brock Lecture.[3]

The Alex Buzo Company

Buzo died in Sydney on 16 August 2006 after a five-year battle with small-cell carcinoma. In 2007 Buzo's eldest daughter Emma formed The Alex Buzo Company.[4] Its aim is to produce, promote and perpetuate the work of Alex Buzo both in Australia and internationally. The company is supported by the Buzo family and manages his estate. It is dedicated to fostering the same level of excellence Buzo achieved in his career in contemporary Australian literature through innovative programs of theatre, education and training.


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Cartoon scripts

Live-action film screenplays

Animated film screenplays

Out of the eight Dickens adaptations by Burbank Animation Studios, four were adapted by Buzo:


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