Zain-ud-Din Ali Khan
Shuja ul-Mulk (Hero of the country)
Mubarak ud-Daulah (Auspicious to the state)
Ali Jah (Of Higher Rank)
Feroz Jang (Victor in War)
Ali Jah.jpg
Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa
Reign5 June 1810 – 6 August 1821
Coronation5 June 1810
PredecessorBaber Ali Khan
SuccessorAhmad Ali Khan
Died6 August 1821
Issue3 daughters
FatherBaber Ali Khan
MotherBabbu Begum
ReligionShia Islam

Zain-ud-Din Ali Khan (died 6 August 1821), better known as Ali Jah was the Nawab of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. He succeeded his father, Baber Ali Khan after his death on 28 April 1810.[1] He was succeeded by his half-brother, Ahmad Ali Khan, after his death.


Early years

Zain-ud-Din, was the eldest son of Baber Ali Khan by his wife, Babbu Begum. His coronation was on 5 June 1810

Death and succession

He died on 6 August 1821, leaving only three daughters but no son. He was succeeded by his half-brother, Ahmad Ali Khan.


Principal wives

Principal wives of Nawab Nazim Ali Jah
Name Marriage Date Parent(s) / Other(s) Death Death Place Burial Place Notes
Bahu Begum (Unknown) (Unknown) 24 October 1849 Murshidabad Jafarganj Cemetery N.A.
Amir-un-nisa Dulhan Begum Sahiba 1816 Father: Sayyid Akbar Ali Khan Bahadur
Mother: Lutf-un-nisa Begum Sahiba
Grandfather: Sayyid Mubaraq Ali Khan Bahadur
21 January 1858 Murshidabad (Unknown) She was a Gaddinashin Begum.

Mut‘ah wives

Mut‘ah Wives of Nawab Nazim Ashraf Ali Khan
Name Other names Death Death Place
Azim-un-nisa Khanum N.A. (Unknown) (Unknown)
Feroza Khanum N.A. (Unknown) (Unknown)
Bibi Lutf-un-nisa Lutfun Before 22 April 1835 (Unknown)
Bibi Rahat-un-nisa N.A. 1835 Murshidabad
Bibi Turbat-un-nisa N.A. (Unknown) (Unknown)
Bibi Zinat-un-nisa N.A. (Unknown) (unknown)
Bibi Azim-un-nisa Azimun (Unknown) (unknown)



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Ali Jah Born: (Unknown) Died: 6 August 1821 Preceded byBaber Ali Khan Nawab of Bengal 5 June 1810 – 6 August 1821 Succeeded byAhmad Ali Khan