Alien Encounters is a science fiction mini series on the Science Channel. The series explores how humanity might react to first-contact with aliens. The fictional series is presented as a documentary intermixed with commentary from scientists and sci-fi writers. The series begins with an alien signal detected by the SETI Institute and follows through alien contact and the creation of hybrids ("Brids") based on alien DNA.


The series had the following episodes:[1]

Season 1

There are 2 episodes in the first season.

#TitleOriginal air date
1"The Message"March 13, 2012 (2012-03-13)
Human race reacts to a message from space.
2"The Arrival"March 20, 2012 (2012-03-20)
Humans react to learning that an alien spaceship is en route to Earth.

Season 2

There are 2 episodes in the second season.

#TitleOriginal air date
1"The Invasion"March 5, 2013 (2013-03-05)
Alien spacecraft deposit thousands of pods on the Earth's surface.
2"The Offspring"March 12, 2013 (2013-03-12)
Humans learn to coexist with the ever shrinking multiplying alien pods.

Season 3

There are 6 episodes in season three.

#TitleOriginal air date
1"The Seventh Sense (working title: The Aura)"May 27, 2014 (2014-05-27)
A Turkish physicist discovers blueprints to a quantum computer.
2"The Entanglement"June 3, 2014 (2014-06-03)
Quantum supercomputer, "Quincy", is built that allows hybrid human children with alien DNA to connect to it telepathically.
3"The Prophecies"June 10, 2014 (2014-06-10)
Quincy becomes self-aware and is able to calculate future events.
4"The Escalation"June 17, 2014 (2014-06-17)
The U.S. government plans an attack on Quincy.
5"The War"June 24, 2014 (2014-06-24)
After an attack on the quantum super-computer fails, the U.S. government plans to attack the network. A mysterious box surfaces out of the alien trash orbiting Earth.
6"The Time Machine"July 1, 2014 (2014-07-01)
The quantum computer manages to distribute the cloud before being destroyed. Information about an inbound comet is released.

Recurring Commentators

Recurring commentators included:[2]

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