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Alimin bin Prawirodirdjo (Solo, 1889 – Jakarta, 24 June 1964)[1] was an Indonesian independence movement figure and also Indonesian communist.

Since he was a teenager Alimin was active on national movements. He was a member of Budi Utomo, Sarekat Islam, Insulinde, before he joined with the Indonesian Communist Party PKI and eventually he became leader of the organization. He was also founder of Sarekat Buruh Pelabuhan (formerly called Sarekat Pegawai Pelabuhan dan Lautan).

In early 1926, as the leader of the PKI, Alimin went to Singapore to negotiate with Tan Malaka in order to prepare rebellion. But, before Alimin went home, the rebellion broke out on 12 November 1926. Alimin and Musso were arrested by British colonial police.


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