"All Over the World"
Single by Electric Light Orchestra
from the album Xanadu
  • "Drum Dreams" (US)
  • "Midnight Blue" (UK)
  • July 1980 (1980-07) (US)
  • 2 August 1980 (UK)
StudioMusicland Studios (Munich, Germany)
Songwriter(s)Jeff Lynne
Producer(s)Jeff Lynne
Electric Light Orchestra singles chronology
"All Over the World"
"Don't Walk Away"

"All Over the World" is a song by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). It is featured in the 1980 feature film Xanadu in a sequence with the film's stars Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly, and Michael Beck. The song also appears on the soundtrack album Xanadu, and was performed in the 2007 Broadway musical Xanadu.

Released after the single "Xanadu" (a collaboration with Olivia Newton-John), this was the third Top 20 ELO single released from the 1980 soundtrack, peaking at number 13 on the US Billboard Hot 100.[1]

The sequence in the Xanadu movie was filmed on location at the Beverly Hills Fiorucci store.

One section of the lyrics lists a number of famous cities; London, Hamburg, Paris, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York City, Amsterdam and Monte Carlo. The last place named in the list is Shard End, the suburb of Birmingham, England where Jeff Lynne was born.

This song featured prominently in the trailer for the Simon Pegg science fiction comedy movie Paul and also played at the end of the film before the credits.[2]


Credits adapted from the album Xanadu.[3]

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