Allah Selamatkan Sultan Mahkota
English: God Save the Crowned Sultan

State anthem of  Kedah
LyricsAlmarhum Abdullah Syed Hussain, 1958
MusicJ. A. Redhill (Reutenberg)
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Allah Selamatkan Sultan Mahkota (instrumental)

"Allah Selamatkan Sultan Mahkota" (pronounced [allah səlamat sultan mahkota]) is the state anthem of Kedah, Malaysia. The lyrics were written by Almarhum Abdullah Syed Hussain Shahabuddin and it was composed by J. A. Redhill (Reutenberg). It was officially adopted on 22 March 1937.


Reuternberg, a Russian Jew and the then-Conductor of the Selangor Club Orchestra, had been ordered to compose a state anthem for Kedah with $1000 as the reward. He successfully composed it in 25 minutes time. The plan to create it was initiated by the British Adviser of Kedah, S.L. Jones.

The anthem was recomposed by Tunku Yakob with the addition of its lyrics written by Hj. Mohammad Sheriff, the then Menteri Besar and the melody from J.F. Agustin in 1949.


Rumi Script Jawi Script IPA Transliteration English
Allah selamat Sultan Mahkota,

Berpanjangan usia di atas Takhta,

Memelihara ugama Nabi kita,

Negeri Kedah serata-rata.

الله سلامت سلطان


برڤنجاڠن اوسيا  دأتس تختا،

ممليهارا أڬام نبي كيت،

نڬري قدح سراتا-رات

[allah səlamat sultan mahkota]

[bərpandʒaŋan usia di atas taʔhta]

[məməlihara ugama][nabi kita]

[nəgəri kədah səratarata]

Allah save the Sultan crowned,

Longevity bestow upon his throne,

As he upholds our Prophet's faith,

In all corners of Kedah state.