Directed byT. S. Nagabharana
Screenplay byT. S. Nagabharana
Story byT. S. Nagabharana
Produced bySrihari L. Khode
Meghana Raj
CinematographyG. S. Bhaskar
Music byBapu Padmanabha
Yajaman Enterprises
Distributed byMars Distributors
Release date
  • 26 January 2017 (2017-01-26)
Running time
139 minutes

Allama is a 2017 Indian Kannada musical drama Historical film directed by T. S. Nagabharana.[1] The film stars Dhananjay and Meghana Raj in the lead roles. Principal photography of the film started in late 2015. It was released theatrically on 26 January 2017.

The film was nominated as India's entry for the International Council for Film, Television and Audio-visual Communication (ICFT) UNESCO Gandhi Medal.[2] At the 64th National Film Awards, the film won awards for Best Music Direction for Songs & Best Background Score (Bapu Padmanabha) and Best Make-up Artist (N. K. Ramakrishna).[3]


The film captures the story of the rebellious thinker Allama, also known as Allama Prabhu."Allama" is a film about 12th century metaphysician, a son of a temple dancer who embarks on a quest for knowledge and answers to his four core sentiments, yearning, and obsession – Maddales, failures and self-realization.


The Director T.S. Nagabhararana with the cast and crew at the presentation of the film ‘Allama’, during the 47th International Film Festival of India (IFFI-2016), in Panaji, Goa on 26 November 2016.
The Director T.S. Nagabhararana with the cast and crew at the presentation of the film ‘Allama’, during the 47th International Film Festival of India (IFFI-2016), in Panaji, Goa on 26 November 2016.


The film landed in a controversy prior to its release in January 2016, after groups such as Rashtriya Basavadal and Basava Peetha staged demonstrations in Dharwad calling for its ban. They alleged that the film wrongly depicts the ritual of wearing miniaturized iconographic form of the deity Shiva, the Jyotirlinga. They claimed that, instead, Ishtalinga should have been depicted.[4] The film shows the worship of Lingam performed placing it on the devotee's right hand, when they claimed that history states that it was done by keeping it in the left hand. The protesters also said that Allama Prabhu and Akka Mahadevi are depicted in the film without wearing the lingam. They claimed that "all these scenes prove that it is a systematic approach to fabricate vachana sahitya", in a memorandum submitted to the Chief Minister of Karnataka calling for the film's ban.[5]


Soundtrack cover
Soundtrack album by
Released31 March 2016
GenreFeature film soundtrack

Bapu Padmanabha scored the film's background and the soundtrack. The soundtrack album consists of 18 tracks.[6] It includes 14 vachanas; 11 of Allama Prabhu, and 1 each of Basava, Akka Mahadevi and Siddheshwar. The album was released on 31 March 2016 in Bangalore.[7]

Track listing
1."Honnu Maaye Embaru"Allama PrabhuHemanth2:05
2."Ayya Nimma"BasavaGanesh Desai1:30
3."Banavasi Kaada Tumba"Doddarange GowdaRajesh Krishnan3:46
4."Sri Guruve Enage"TraditionalRajesh Krishnan2:02
5."Pranathiyu Ide Batthiyu Ide"Allama PrabhuHemanth3:07
6."Sambandha Asambandha"Allama PrabhuHemanth1:28
7."Temple Dance"TraditionalTejaswini M. K.3:51
8."Nelada Bombeya Maadi"Allama PrabhuBapu Padmanabha1:35
9."Maya Shringara"B. R. Lakshmana RaoManjula Gururaj3:17
10."Kaana Baarada Lingavu"Allama PrabhuRajesh Krishnan1:29
11."Kaalugaleradu Gaali Kandayya"Allama PrabhuShankar Mahadevan2:09
12."Agniya Suduvalli"Allama PrabhuShankar Mahadevan2:17
13."Ettana Maamara Ettana Kogile"Allama PrabhuShankar Mahadevan2:10
14."Sutthi Sutthi Bandhadilla"Allama PrabhuShankar Mahadevan1:36
15."Sangana Basavannana Paadava"Akka MahadeviSangeetha Katti2:53
16."Vachanaanubhava"SiddheshwarGanesh Desai1:04
17."Kendadha Giriya Melondu"Allama PrabhuBapu Padmanabha1:28
18."Bayalu Bayalane Bitthi"Allama PrabhuRajesh Krishnan3:25
Total length:41:12

Awards and nominations

64th National Film Awards
65th Filmfare Awards South


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