Alpha Kappa Pi
FoundedJanuary 1, 1921; 102 years ago (January 1, 1921)
New Jersey Institute of Technology
AffiliationNIC (former)
Colors  Dartmouth Green and   White
FlowerYellow Tea Rose
PublicationThe Alpha
Merged intoAlpha Sigma Phi (1946)
WebsiteOfficial website

Alpha Kappa Pi (ΑΚΠ) was a collegiate social fraternity founded in 1921 at the Newark College of Engineering. In 1946 it merged with Alpha Sigma Phi.


Alpha Kappa Pi was a Social Fraternity founded on Jan. 1, 1921 at Newark College of Engineering (now New Jersey Institute of Technology), under the name Phi Delta Zeta. A committee was formed to complete a plan for nationalization, largely by absorbing local fraternity chapters. It established its Beta chapter in 1926 at Wagner College (in New York), lending the name of the Wagner local chapter to become the name of the new national, now Alpha Kappa Pi, and adding two more chapters that year. Alpha Kappa Pi would go on to form 36 chapters over the next two decades.[1]

In addition to the absorption of local chapters, three of the remaining chapters of Sigma Delta Rho were added in 1936-37, as were two chapters of disintegrating Theta Nu Epsilon, in 1940.[1]

Alpha Kappa Pi joined the NIC in 1931.

On September 6, 1946, Alpha Kappa Pi merged with Alpha Sigma Phi (ΑΣΦ), mostly resulting in new chapters. There were only two campuses where a local merger was effected, as both groups were active there. Some recently dormant chapters of ΑΚΠ were assigned new names within the Alpha Sigma Phi roster.[1]


Colors: Dartmouth green (i.e., dark green) and white

Flower: Yellow tea rose

Magazine: The Alpha [2]

Badge: 7-pointed gold star with black enamel; on the enamel, crossed swords and the Greek letters.[2]

Total membership as of 1940: 3,105.[2]


Chapters of Alpha Kappa Pi, with current school names. Active chapters at the time of the ΑΣΦ merger are in bold, inactive chapters in italics.[2][1]

ΑΚΠ Name Chartering Date and Range University Location ΑΣΦ name or other status Notes
Alpha January 1, 1921–1946 New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, New Jersey Alpha Rho [a]
Beta November 15, 1926–1946 Wagner College Staten Island, New York Alpha Sigma [b]
Gamma June 24, 1926–1946 Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, New Jersey Alpha Tau [c]
Delta November 19, 1926–1946 Polytechnic Institute Brooklyn, New York Alpha Upsilon [d]
Epsilon January 1, 1927–1928 Ellsworth College Iowa Falls, Iowa Alpha Phi [e]
Zeta January 7, 1928–1935 Coe College Cedar Rapids, Iowa Withdrew (see ΣΝ) [f]
Eta May 12, 1928–1946 Presbyterian College Clinton, South Carolina Alpha Psi [g]
Theta June 1, 1928–1938 Columbia University New York City, New York Inactive (?) [h]
Iota May 4, 1929–1946 Mount Union College Alliance, Ohio Beta Alpha [i]
Kappa May 4, 1929–1935; 1939–1940 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts Beta Beta [j]
Lambda June 1, 1929–1946 Bethany College Bethany, West Virginia Beta Gamma [k]
Mu December 14, 1929–1946 Marshall University Huntington, West Virginia Beta Delta [l]
Nu January 31, 1930–1946 Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Beta Epsilon [m]
Xi May 26, 1930–1943 North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina Beta Zeta [n]
Omicron June 30, 1930–1946 Pennsylvania State University University Park, Pennsylvania Upsilon (merged) [o]
Pi January 31, 1931–1936 University of New Hampshire Durham, New Hampshire Beta Eta [p]
Rho March 28, 1931–1946 Rutgers University New Brunswick, New Jersey Beta Theta [q]
Sigma May 29, 1930–1946 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Champaign and Urbana, Illinois Eta (merged) [r]
Tau May 30, 1931–1946 Tufts University Medford, Massachusetts Beta Iota [s]
Upsilon February 11, 1932–1938 Centre College (KY) Danville, Kentucky Beta Kappa [t]
Phi February 3, 1932–1939 St. John's College (MD) Annapolis, Maryland Beta Lambda [u]
Chi May 18, 1932–1946 Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, North Carolina Beta Mu [v]
Psi April 22, 1933–1946 West Virginia Wesleyan College Buckhannon, West Virginia Beta Nu [w]
Alpha Alpha May 4, 1935–1946 Hartwick College Oneonta, New York Beta Xi [x]
Alpha Beta November 8, 1935–1946 Trine University Angola, Indiana Beta Omicron [y]
Alpha Gamma September 11, 1936–1946 Franklin & Marshall College Lancaster, Pennsylvania Beta Pi [z]
Alpha Delta March 13, 1937–1946 University of Toledo Toledo, Ohio Beta Rho [aa]
Alpha Epsilon June 12, 1937–1946 University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio Beta Sigma [ab]
Alpha Zeta February 12, 1938–1946 Wayne State University Detroit, Michigan Beta Tau [ac]
Alpha Eta April 20, 1940–1946 Milton College [ad] Milton, Wisconsin Beta Upsilon [ae]
Alpha Theta May 18, 1940–1946 Wofford College Spartanburg, South Carolina Beta Phi [af]
Alpha Iota May 28, 1940–1946 American University Washington, D.C. Beta Chi [ag]
Alpha Kappa November 16, 1940–1946 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, New York Beta Psi [ah]
Alpha Lambda January 17, 1942–1946 Ohio Northern University Ada, Ohio Gamma Alpha [ai]
Alpha Mu April 18, 1942–1943 Carthage College Kenosha, Wisconsin Gamma Beta [aj]
Alpha Nu February 20, 1943–1946 University of Connecticut Storrs, Connecticut Gamma Gamma [ak]
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  2. ^ Originated as Alpha Kappa Pi (local) in 1923, whose name was adopted by the new national fraternity.
  3. ^ Originated as Phi Nu (local) in 1923.
  4. ^ Originated as Phi Psi (local) in 1922.
  5. ^ Now a community college, Ellsworth College had been a four-year institution while hosting a chapter of Alpha Kappa Pi. This chapter originated as either Chi Pi Theta (local) or as Chi Tau Gamma Theta in 18xx (?). The Baird's Archive shows two conflicting predecessor groups.
  6. ^ Originated as Lambda Tau Delta (local) in 1920. After withdrawal from Alpha Kappa Pi, this chapter merged into older local fraternity Delta Phi Epsilon, a group which had originated in 1901. On January 16, 1954 the combined local fraternity would become the restored Beta Epsilon chapter of Sigma Nu.
  7. ^ Originated as Phi Delta Tau (local) in 1927.
  8. ^ The Alpha Kappa Pi chapter originated as Sigma Theta (local) in 1928.
  9. ^ Originated as Zeta Xi Lambda (local) in 1923.
  10. ^ Originated as the Alpha Club (local) in 1929. Alpha Sigma Phi named this as its Beta Beta chapter, even though it had been dormant for a few years.
  11. ^ Originated as Alpha Pi Alpha (local) in 1925.
  12. ^ Originated as Sigma Psi (local) in 1922.
  13. ^ Originated as a group from Howard Hall (local) in 1927.
  14. ^ Originated as the Alpha Club (local) in 1929. Alpha Sigma Phi named this as its Beta Zeta chapter, even though it had been dormant for a few years.
  15. ^ Originated as Delta Sigma Chi (local) in 1920.
  16. ^ Originated as Delta Pi Epsilon (local) in 1921.
  17. ^ Originated as Phi Lambda Sigma (local) in 1926.
  18. ^ Originated as Kappa Zeta Rho (local) in 1926.
  19. ^ Originated as Delta Phi Sigma (local) in 1906.
  20. ^ Originated as Delta Phi Upsilon (local) in 1929.
  21. ^ Originated as Sigma Tau Omicron (local) in 1928.
  22. ^ Originated as Lambda Tau (local) in 1927.
  23. ^ Originated as Chi Alpha Tau (local) in 1923.
  24. ^ Originated as Alpha Sigma Chi (local) in 1932.
  25. ^ Originated as Phi Lambda Tau (local) in 1924.
  26. ^ Formed by absorption of the Eta chapter of Sigma Delta Rho in 1936, which had chartered with that fraternity in 1929. Earlier, that chapter had formed as the Torch Club (local) in 1927. While a chapter of Sigma Delta Rho it accepted the members of another F&M local called Alpha Pi.
  27. ^ Formed by absorption of the Gamma chapter of Sigma Delta Rho in 1936, which had chartered with that fraternity in 1924. This chapter had originated as Zeta Omicron (local) in 1921.
  28. ^ Formed by absorption of the Epsilon chapter of Sigma Delta Rho in 1936, which had chartered with that fraternity in 1926. A year earlier, in 1925, this chapter had its origination as Kappa Alpha Chi (local).
  29. ^ Originated as Psi Delta (local) in 1934.
  30. ^ Milton College closed in 1982.
  31. ^ Originated as the Epsilon Society (local) in 1939.
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  34. ^ Originated as a chapter of Theta Nu Epsilon in 1928.
  35. ^ Originated as a chapter of Theta Nu Epsilon in 1923.
  36. ^ Originated as Alpha Kappa Pi (local), thus with the same name as the national it would join in 1942. It had originated as the local Alpha Kappa Pi in 1921.
  37. ^ Originated as Phi Kappa Lambda (local) in 1941.


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