Alpha Lambda Tau
The Coat of Arms of Alpha Lambda Tau
FoundedOctober 8, 1916; 106 years ago (1916-10-08)
Oglethorpe University
AffiliationNIC (former)
ScopeNational (US)
Colors  Old gold and   Black
FlowerAmerican Beauty Rose
PublicationAlpha Lambda Tau (Monthly) The Rose Leaf (Quarterly)
Merged intoTau Kappa Epsilon (1946), and scattered

Alpha Lambda Tau (ΑΛΤ) was a men's college fraternity founded in 1916 at Oglethorpe University. For its first decade Alpha Lambda Tau permitted expansion only within the southern states. At the start of its fourth decade, in 1946, the national organization of Alpha Lambda Tau dissolved; the majority of its chapters affiliated with Tau Kappa Epsilon.


Alpha Lambda Tau was founded at Oglethorpe University, of Brookhaven, Georgia (a northeastern suburb of Atlanta) on October 8, 1916.[1] The organization at Oglethorpe became Alpha chapter on March 27, 1921.[1] Being of southern origin, it was originally decided that the fraternity would not expand north of the Mason–Dixon line. By 1927, the anti-northern expansion policy was met with disapproval at the fraternity's national convention. The policy was dropped in 1927, and a charter was issued to a new chapter at the University of Illinois.[2]

Alpha Lambda Tau became a Junior member of the NIC in 1928.

Merger with ΤΚΕ

In 1946, the national organization of Alpha Lambda Tau dissolved. Five of the eight chapters that were active in 1946 merged with Tau Kappa Epsilon. Several chapters went to other national fraternities.[3]


These were the chapters of Alpha Lambda Tau. Those active at the time of the merger are noted in bold, those inactive are noted in italics. Where chapters affiliated with ΤΚΕ their status is noted as "Merged"; where they joined other fraternities they are listed as "Withdrawn".[4][5]

Chapter Institution Location Dates Status Notes Reference
Alpha Oglethorpe University Brookhaven, GA October 8, 19161943 Dormant [a][5]
Beta Auburn University[b] Auburn, AL 1922July 1947 Merged Became the Beta-Lambda chapter of ΤΚΕ. [b][c][5]
Gamma Mercer University Macon, GA October 13, 19231948 Withdrew Revived the Eta chapter of ΣΝ. [d][6]
Delta Louisiana Tech University Ruston, LA May 31, 1925April 1947 Merged Became the Beta-Zeta chapter of ΤΚΕ in April 1947. [e][7]
Epsilon University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC 19251930 Dormant [f][5]
Zeta North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC January 22, 1925January 1947 Merged Became the Beta-Beta chapter of ΤΚΕ in January 1947. [8]
Eta Samford University[g] Homewood, AL April 15, 19261940 Dormant [g][h][9]
Theta University of Georgia Athens, GA 19281942 Dormant [i][5]
Iota Presbyterian College Clinton, SC 19271951 Withdrew Became the Zeta-Theta chapter of ΣΝ in January 1951. [j]
Kappa Wofford College Spartanburg, SC January 14, 19281947 Dormant [k][10]
Lambda University of Illinois Champaign, IL 19281932 Dormant [l]
Mu University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR 19281936 Dormant [m][5]
Nu Lyon College Batesville, AR 19291930 Dormant [n][11]
Xi University of Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN May 5, 19291947 Withdrew Became the Delta Epsilon chapter of ΠΚΑ in 1947. [o][12][13]
Omicron Transylvania University Lexington, KY 19291941 Withdrew Became the Beta Mu chapter of ΔΣΦ in 1947. [p][14]
Pi University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL 19311938 Dormant [5]
Rho Culver–Stockton College Canton, MO 19311932 Dormant [q][5]
Sigma University of Kentucky Lexington, KY January 30, 19321935 Dormant [r][15]
Tau University of Maryland College Park, MD December 15, 1934February 1947 Merged Became the Beta-Delta chapter of ΤΚΕ in February 1947. [s][16]
Upsilon Michigan State East Lansing, MI 1934–193x ? Dormant [5]
Phi Missouri Mines Rolla, MO September 19351940 Dormant [t][5][17]
Chi ? Western Colorado University Gunnison, CO 19361937 Dormant [u][v]
Psi Trine University (Tri-State)[w] Angola, IN June 7, 1936March 1947 Merged Became the Beta-Epsilon chapter of ΤΚΕ.
ΤΚΕ charter revoked.
Later became Theta-Xi chapter of ΚΣ (1966).

Alumni chapters existed as of 1941 in Chicago, Birmingham and Atlanta.[18]


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  23. ^ a b Trine University was called Tri-State University until 2008.
  24. ^ Originated as the Alpha chapter of Sigma Mu Sigma in 1921.
  25. ^ Through no fault of its own, after being granted the name Beta-Epsilon chapter of ΤΚΕ in March 1947, ΤΚΕ was forced by NIC rules to revoke Beta-Epsilon's charter because Tri-State was not (yet) accredited; the chapter then affiliated with Kappa Sigma Kappa in 1952. In 1962 ΚΣΚ nationally merged with ΘΞ, but due to the accreditation issue the chapter reverted to local status again, calling itself Tau Kappa Lambda (local) [possibly Tau Kappa Sigma, some records showed this as Tau Kappa Sigma (local), in what appears to have been a typo.] In 1966, once school accreditation was in place, it would become the Theta-Xi chapter of Kappa Sigma fraternity, with that new name a coincidence having no relation to the national fraternity into which its former national merged. To complete the historical record, ΤΚΕ's Beta-Epsilon chapter was recolonized in a separate effort on the Trine campus in 1989.


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