The Alpine Club Guides (German: Alpenvereinsführer, commonly shortened to AV Führer or AVF) were the standard series of Alpine climbing guidebooks that cover all the important mountain groups in the Eastern Alps. They were produced jointly by the German (DAV), Austrian (ÖAV) and South Tyrol Alpine Clubs (AVS). They had been published since 1950 by the firm of Bergverlag Rother in Munich, Germany.

On the Rother-Bergverlag website, only 8 Alpine club and area guides are listed as available, the series will no longer be continued.[1][2]

The AV guides contain all the routes – hiking trails, mountain hut approaches, and summit climbs as well as ice and high mountain routes and klettersteigs in each mountain range. The descriptions are factual and dry, with few illustrations and despite introductory sections require general Alpine knowledge and experience. Examples are the AVF Allgäuer Alpen and the AVF Verwallgruppe. The AV guides are often used as the basis for other publications and complement the Alpine Club maps or other map series.

Available guides

For some of the available AV guides,[1] a PDF file of an older edition can be downloaded free of charge, see.[3]

Out-of-print guides

A number of the out-of-print Alpine Club guides can be downloaded free of charge as PDF files, see.[3]


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