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LeaderPino Cabras
Founded23 February 2021
Split fromFive Star Movement
Political positionBig tent
Colors  Orange
Chamber of Deputies
15 / 630
4 / 321

Alternativa (English: Alternative, abbr. A or Alt) is a populist and Eurosceptic[1] political party in Italy. It was founded in February 2021 as a parliamentary subgroup of the Mixed Group named L'Alternativa c'è (English: There is an Alternative).[2] Its members are former deputies of the Five Star Movement, who were expelled from the party for having voted against Mario Draghi's government.[3] On 15 November 2021 it became a full-fledged party and changed its name to Alternative.[4][5]


Following the resignation of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, on 11 February 2021, the Five Star Movement (M5S) asked its members to vote on the party's support to the national unity government led by Mario Draghi. The party's members approved the online referendum with 59.3% of votes.[6] A prominent leader of the movement, Alessandro Di Battista, opposed the party's decision of participating the new government and left the party on 11 February 2021.[7]

During the investiture votes in the Parliament on 17 and 18 February, 15 senators and 16 deputies voted against the new cabinet, being immediately expelled by the M5S party's acting leader Vito Crimi.[8] On 23 February, 12 former deputies of the M5S reorganised themselves in a new sub-group within the Mixed Group, calling it "L'Alternativa c'è".[9] On 26 February, deputy Emanuele Dessì from M5S joined the new subgroup while on 11 March deputy Francesco Forciniti joined the sub-group as well.[10][11] As for the Senate, it is required by the rules of the Senate that a new group must be associated with one party which elected at least one senator, even in a joint list. Secretary of Italy of Values Ignazio Messina, which ran in the Popular Civic List back in 2018 Italian general election, agreed to put its party symbol at the disposal of the new group.[12] However, the agreements failed after the legal attorney of IdV stated that there were no longer any political conditions for the disposal of the symbol at the Senate, this means that they could instead be able to form a sub-group only within the Mixed Group.[13]


According to their manifesto, the party is against public shares offering and privatizations, as they adhere to a doctrine of dirigisme and economic interventionism, the abolishment or a redraft of the Maastricht criteria, the Stability and Growth Pact and the European Fiscal Compact, the rejection of the European Stability Mechanism and the opposition in taking the loan part of the Next Generation EU quota. As for the environmentalism, since they claim to be the one closer to the original M5S manifesto, they are in favour of green-inspired policies.[1][14]



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