Alto de Coloane
Highest point
Elevation172.4 m (566 ft)
Prominence172.4 m (566 ft)
Coordinates22°07′15″N 113°33′41″E / 22.12083°N 113.56139°E / 22.12083; 113.56139
Alto de Coloane 疊石塘山 is located in Macau
Alto de Coloane 疊石塘山
Alto de Coloane

Alto de Coloane (Chinese: 疊石塘山; Cantonese Yale: Daahpsehk Tòhngsāan; pinyin: Diéshí Tángshān, Portuguese: Alto de Coloane) is the highest point of Macau. The 172.4 m-tall (566 ft) mountain is located on the island of Coloane.

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