Alyson Eckmann
Eckmann in 2015
Alyson Rae Eckmann

(1990-11-08) November 8, 1990 (age 30)
OccupationJournalist, singer, television and radio host

Alyson "Aly" Rae Eckmann (born November 8, 1990) is an American journalist, singer, television and radio host.

Early life

Eckmann was born in Seattle, Washington on November 8, 1990, although at the age of eighteen, she moved to Mexico and later, at the age of twenty, she moved to Madrid, Spain. Initially, Eckmann would stay for about ten months, although after finding work as a babysitter she stayed for two more years. After this, Eckmann went on vacation to the Canary Islands where she found the recording of the television program Un príncipe para Corina, with which according to her: "I happened to stumble upon Corina's program, and without really knowing how, I ended up on TV."[1][2] A casting director actually proposed the idea of participating in Cuatro's dating show. At first she was reluctant to it but finally accepted.



After this, Eckmann signed for the television program Hable con ellas for the television channel Telecinco, where she became a presenter for the first time, and also works as a reporter.[3][4] On the other hand, Eckmann also works as an announcer in the radio program No te cortes, from Los 40 Principales.

On October 22, 2014, she started as a reporter for the program Todo va bien de Cuatro. In April 2015, Eckmann made an appearance in the television series La que se avecina, where she starred as Megan Simons, Trevor's wife, Judith's ex-partner. Since 2014, Alyson has collaborated with Vevo Spain presenting the Vevo Fresh program and the DCODE festivals.[5]

In 2015, Eckmann joined Non Stop People, a Movistar+ channel run by and for young people to present the Xtraǃ program.[6] On 29 September 2016, she participated in the game show Sígueme el Rollo[7] on Ten. On 9 January 2017, she became one of the contestants on the Telecinco reality show Gran Hermano VIP 5. She won the 100,000 euros prize with 58.8% of the audience in her favor.[8]


Eckmann was the vocalist of a jazz group for 8 years. Later, she composed two singles, one in 2014, called "Believe Me" and another in 2015 titled "Day After Day." She has also participated in various musicals such as Cats, Seussical and Annie.[9][10][11][12]

In 2016, she went to the Antena 3 musical program Tu cara me suena, where she impersonated Tracy Chapman.[13] At the end of that same year, Eckmann collaborated as a vocalist in "Get Over It", a song by Les Castizos that came out to the sold under the music label Clipper's Sounds.


Year Program Network Notes
2013 Un príncipe para Corina Cuatro Participant
2014 Hable con ellas Telecinco Presenter
2014-2015 Todo va bien Cuatro Collaborator
2015 Xtra! Non Stop People Reporting co-host
2016 Tu cara me suena Antena 3 Guest
2017 Gran Hermano VIP 5 Telecinco Contestant and winner
2017 Sábado Deluxe Telecinco Guest (2 episodes)
2017 Sálvame Telecinco Guest
2017 Me lo dices o me lo cantas Telecinco Contestant
2017 Gran Hermano Revolution Telecinco Collaborator and guest VIP
2017 Morninglory Be Mad Collaborator
2018 Xtra! Non Stop People Presenter
2018 Gran Hermano VIP 6 Telecinco Guest VIP
Year Program Network Notes
2013-2016 No te cortes Los 40 principales Presenter and reporter
Yeark Program Network Notes
2014-2015 Vevo fresh VEVO Presenter
2017 English for Summer Mtmad Presenter
Television series
Year Program Network Notes
2015-2016 La que se avecina Telecinco Megan Simons (3 episodes)


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