Amanda Lotz
Known forResearch in Media Industries, Disruption of Television, The Future of Television, Economics of Television, Net Neutrality, Television Studies and Gender and the Media
Academic background
Alma materDePauw University (B.A., 1996)
Indiana University (M.A., 1997)
University of Texas (Ph.D., 2000)
Doctoral advisorHorace Newcomb
Academic work
DisciplineTelevision studies; media studies; Media Industries; Future of Television; Media economics
InstitutionsQueensland University of Technology,
University of Michigan,
Denison University,
Washington University in St. Louis

Amanda D. Lotz is an American educator, television scholar, and media scholar. She is known for her research in television studies, the economics of television and media companies, and also popularizing the terms network era, post-network era, and the multi-channel transition describing the television industry's transition to cable and to internet distribution.[1]

Lotz is Professor at Queensland University of Technology and member of QUT's Digital Media Research Centre. Prior to joining QUT, she was a Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Michigan, an assistant professor at Denison University and a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Washington University in St. Louis.

Her areas of research are media industries, the economics of the television/cable industry, broadband distributed media, television studies, and gender and the media.

She holds a B.A. in Communication from DePauw University, an M.A. in Telecommunication from Indiana University, and a Ph.D. in Radio, Television and Film from University of Texas.[2]

Lotz co-hosts the Media Business Matters Podcast, which focuses on recent stories in media and why they matter.[3] She is a Fellow at the Peabody Media Center.


Lotz has authored, co-authored or edited eight books in addition to many refereed journal articles, book chapters, and conference presentations.[4][5]

Lotz is the author of:

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