Ambliara State
अमलियारा रियासत
Princely State of British India
• 1891
207 km2 (80 sq mi)
• 1891
• Established
• Attachment Scheme and merger with Baroda State
Succeeded by
Baroda State

The Ambliara State, also spelt Ambaliyara was a princely state under Mahi Kantha Agency of the Bombay Presidency during the era of the British Raj in India.


The Ambliara State was ruled by a Chauhan family that is categorized among the "Kshatriya Koli" Thakordas (minor lords).[1] According to the Gujarat State Gazetteers, the rulers were "Khant Kolis" by caste, and their family claimed descent from the Chauhans of Sambhar and Ajmer.[2][3][4]

A single, undated one paisa banknote was issued by the state.[5]

Ambliara State was merged with Baroda State under the Attachment Scheme on 10 July 1943.[6] Finally, Baroda State acceded to the Indian Union on 1 May 1949. The state had enjoyed a Privy Purse of Rs 26000.[citation needed]


The rulers of Ambliara bore the title Thakur Shri Maan.[7]

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