American Angus
Angus cattle 7.jpg
Conservation statusDAD-IS (2021): not at risk[1]
Other namesBlack Angus
Country of origin
  • United States
Distributionall 50 states
  • Male:
    748 kg[2]: 105 
  • Female:
    638 kg[2]: 105 
Horn statuspolled
  • Cattle
  • Bos (primigenius) taurus

The American Angus is an American breed of beef cattle. It derives from the Scottish Aberdeen Angus population, but may only be black. Red-coated individuals may not be registered with the American Angus Association, but can be registered as Red Angus.[3]: 730 [4]: 238 


In 1883 a breeders' association, the American Aberdeen-Angus Breeders' Association, was established in Chicago, Illinois, with 60 members; the name was shortened to American Angus Association in the 1950s.[2]: 105 [5]

Until 1917 both black and red cattle could be registered in the herd-book of the association; thereafter, red-coated individuals were barred from registration.[2]: 105 

The registered population in 2010 numbered about 320 000 head, with almost 300 000 breeding cows and over 22 000 registered bulls, making it the most numerous beef breed of the United States.[2]: 105  In 2021 the conservation status of the breed was reported to DAD-IS as "not at risk".[1]


The American Angus is a beef breed, and is reared only for that purpose.[3]: 730  Comparative trials have not identified any commercially-significant difference between it and the Red Angus.[2]: 278  Since 1978, beef meeting certain criteria may be marketed as "Certified Angus Beef", a quality mark of the American Angus Association; provenance from purebred American Angus cattle is not a requirement.[6]

Bulls have been used as sires for crossbreeding. The breed has contributed to the creation of various hybrid breeds including the Amerifax.[2]: 278 


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