American Collegiate Rowing Association (ACRA) is one of the governing bodies of college rowing in the United States, together with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA).


Established in 2008 by Gregg Hartsuff under the General Not for Profit Association Act of 1986, the American Collegiate Rowing Association (ACRA) is made up of club-level collegiate rowing teams.

The ACRA National Championship Regatta is considered the National Championship for collegiate club programs and all programs outside the NCAA/IRA structure.

The regatta is split into six regions: the Mid-Atlantic region, the Great Lakes region, the Plains region, the Northeast region, the South region, and the West Coast region.[1] The ACRA is a broadcast partner of The Rowers Consortium of Huntington Harbour, California, who has broadcast the regatta on The Rowing Channel since 2014.


ACRA Schools
Mid-Atlantic Region Great Lakes Region Plains Region Northeast Region South Region West Coast Region
Delaware Northwestern Arkansas Connecticut Auburn Arizona State
Johns Hopkins Chicago Colorado State Bowdoin College Alabama Academy of Art University
St. Mary's College of Maryland Illinois Colorado Boston College Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Claremont
Maryland Wheaton College Iowa State Brandeis Florida State Evergreen State College
The College of New Jersey Butler University Iowa Massachusetts University of Central Florida Humboldt State
Rutgers IUPUI Kansas State New Hampshire Florida Long Beach State
Rutgers–Camden Purdue Kansas Canisius College Miami Portland State
Stockton University Notre Dame Wichita State Hofstra College Augusta State Sacramento State
Bucknell Wabash College St. Cloud Manhattan College Emory San Diego State
Carnegie Mellon Calvin College College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University New York University Georgia State Seattle
Duquesne Grand Valley State Minnesota RPI Georgia Tech Sonoma State
Haverford College Michigan State University of St. Thomas SUNY Albany Savannah College of Art and Design Saint Mary's College of California
Lafayette Michigan Tech Winona State SUNY Binghamton Georgia UC Berkeley
Lehigh Northern Michigan St. Louis SUNY Geneseo Murray State UC Davis
Penn State Michigan Missouri SUNY Oswego Louisiana State UC Santa Barbara
Robert Morris College Western Michigan Washington SUNY Stony Brook Northwestern State UCLA
Susquehanna Bowling Green Creighton Buffalo Tulane Southern California
Pittsburgh Case Western Nebraska Rochester Davidson College University of the Pacific
George Mason Cleveland State North Dakota United States Military Academy Duke Portland
Old Dominion University Denison Oklahoma City Rhode Island North Carolina State Oregon
Virginia John Caroll Oklahoma State Middlebury College North Carolina Willamette
Virginia Tech Miami Oklahoma Vermont Wake Forest Puget Sound
Virginia Commonwealth Ohio State Baylor Fordham Clemson Washington State
Charleston Ohio Rice Vassar College College of Charleston Western Washington
West Virginia Cincinnati Southern Methodist - South Carolina -
American University Dayton St. Edwards - Rhodes College -
Catholic University Wittenberg Texas A&M - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga -
College of William and Mary Xavier Texas A&M University at Galveston - Vanderbilt -
George Washington University Beloit College Texas - - -
- Lawrence - - - -
- Marquette - - - -
- DePaul University - - - -



Varsity 8+


Year and Champion
UMich Rowing Blade.svg
UMich Rowing Blade.svg
UMich Rowing Blade.svg
University of Virginia Rowing Blade.svg
University of Virginia Rowing Blade.svg
UMich Rowing Blade.svg
UMich Rowing Blade.svg
UMich Rowing Blade.svg
UMich Rowing Blade.svg
UC Santa Barbara Rowing Blade.svg
UC Santa Barbara
UMich Rowing Blade.svg
2019 Delaware
2022 George Washington


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