Commodore Amiga 3000T
TypePersonal computer
Release date1991; 33 years ago (1991)
Units sold14,380 units in Germany (including Amiga 3000 sales)
Operating systemAmiga OS 2.0
CPUMotorola 68030 @ 25 MHz or 68040 @ 25 MHz
MemoryMB, expandable to 18 MB[1]

The Amiga 3000T is a computer manufactured by Commodore. It is closely related to the Amiga 3000, although it came in a tower case which offers greater expandability. The case for the prototype, the 3500, was derived from Commodore's PC compatible line.[2][3]

Like the desktop variant it is based upon, the A3000T has a CPU FAST slot which allows for processor upgrades. Later models were offered with a 68040 CPU in this slot, and third-party upgrades can be used to add a PowerPC processor.

The A3000T has a variety of drive bays – two 3.5-inch drives and one 5.25-inch half-height drive, mounted horizontally; and two 5.25-inch half-height drives mounted vertically. Inside, behind these bays, there is space for two more, internal, 5.25-inch half-height drives. The available drive bays make it possible to internally install up to seven drives in the A3000T.

The A3000T's specifications closely resemble the horizontal-cased Amiga 3000, but the motherboard has been heavily redesigned. As a result, the expansion-slot layout is more like the Amiga 2000's with five Zorro III slots, one of which is inline with the video slot, and four 16-bit ISA slots (passive), two of which are inline with Zorro slots (activated with bridgeboards).[4][2]

At introduction, the retail price of an Amiga 3000[clarification needed] system could exceed $5000, depending on configuration.[citation needed] As a result of its high price and poor marketing, the machine did not sell in great numbers.[citation needed]

The machine is reported to have sold 14,380 units in Germany (including Amiga 3000 sales).[5]

Amiga 3000T mainboard with annotations

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