Amigas y rivales
Created byEmilio Larrosa
Written byAlejandro Pohlenz
Directed bySalvador Garcini
José Ángel García
StarringMichelle Vieth
Angélica Vale
Arath de la Torre
Joana Benedek
Eric del Castillo
Adamari López
Rafael Inclán
Johnny Lozada
Susana González
Ludwika Paleta
Opening theme"Amigas y rivales" by Kabah
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes185
Executive producerEmilio Larrosa
ProducerArturo Pedraza Loera
Production locationsFilming
Televisa San Ángel
Mexico City, Mexico
CinematographyAlfredo Tappan
Luis Monroy
EditorsAdrián Frutos
Marco Antonio Rocha
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time42–45 minutes
Production companyTelevisa
Original networkCanal de las Estrellas
Picture formatNTSC
Original releaseFebruary 26 (2001-02-26) –
November 9, 2001 (2001-11-09)
Preceded byPrimer amor, a mil por hora
Followed byEl juego de la vida
Related showsAmigas & Rivais (2007)
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Amigas y rivales (English: Friends and Rivals) is a Mexican juvenile telenovela produced by Emilio Larrosa for Televisa in 2001.[1]

On Monday, February 26, 2001, Canal de las Estrellas started broadcasting Amigas y rivales weekdays at 7:00pm, replacing Primer amor, a mil por hora. The last episode was broadcast on Friday, November 9, 2001 with El juego de la vida replacing it the following day.

Ludwika Paleta, Michelle Vieth, Angélica Vale, Adamari López, Arath de la Torre, Gabriel Soto, Rodrigo Vidal, and Johnny Lozada star as protagonists, while Joana Benedek stars as antagonist. Eric del Castillo, Chela Castro, and Rafael Inclán made special guest appearances.


Amigas y Rivales tells the story of four women from different social backgrounds. The first is Laura, a studious, sensitive, serious girl from a middle-class family; she studies data processing in a private university because she received a scholarship.

Jimena is the typical rich girl, dissipated and irresponsible, for whom sex is just another amusement. At one point she is kidnapped although she doesn't realize it. She lives with Sebastián, a drug dealer who gives her drugs in exchange for her having sex with men in his home. Ofelia is Jimena's best friend. Like Jimena, she is rich and lives for pleasure and fun, until she gets infected with HIV.

The fourth protagonist is Nayeli, who has a humble background and works as a maid in Jimena's home. Nayeli dreams of being a Hollywood actress, like her idol, Salma Hayek. This dream takes her to the United States illegally, where she meets boxer Johnny Trinidad, who falls in love with her. She is reported to the immigration service and deported back to Mexico.

Laura's emotions are divided between Robertito and his father, Don Roberto de la O, who hired Laura to instruct his firm in how to use their new computers. Don Roberto becomes determined to attract Laura, who unconsciously compares him with her own father, a man of weak character. Laura and Don Roberto date briefly; their relationship ends when Laura's mother lies to Don Roberto, telling him she's his daughter. Later Laura discovers that he is not her biological father, and that she was the result of a one-night stand. Her parents separate. She resumes dating Don Roberto until she realizes, weeks later, that she isn't in love with him after all. She is caught kissing his son Robertito. When Don Roberto discovers, thanks to Roxana's deceitful efforts to keep him, that Laura loves Robertito, he suffers a stroke.

Roxana, Don Roberto's second wife, is extremely beautiful but hiding an unscrupulous criminal soul under the mask of an ideal wife. Her real name is Carolina. She attempted to kill her own father, Tomás, for which he sent her to an asylum, but she escaped and established the new identity of Roxana. She poisoned Don Roberto's first wife so he'd be free to marry her, but secretly desired her new stepson Robertito and killed his fiancée so she would have a chance with him. They became romantically involved, but Robertito realizes how much he loves Laura and tries to end his relationship with Roxana, which angers her. Roxana teams up with Sebastián to take revenge on the friends. She goes to jail but manages to escape.

Georgina sleeps with Sebastián and gets pregnant but she later shoots and kills him. After having been unwilling to live, Ofelia chooses to fight for her life. Roberto proposes to Laura. Jimena sheds her bad habits, and Nayeli manages to carry on a successful acting career.

At the friends' graduation party, Roxana appears with a group of armed men planning to take revenge on Jimena and Laura. Laura is absent because she felt sick. Roxana mentions killing Roberto's first wife. Joaquin is accidentally killed.

Pepe is shot in the arm. Carlota reveals that Robertito and Roxana are half-siblings, as Padre Tomás is the father of both of them. Roxana wants to throw sulfuric acid on Jimena's face but Nayeli, Ofelia and Tamara hold her and Nayeli manages to make Roxana pour the acid on her own face. The police arrive and detain Roxana, and she ends in an asylum with a disfigured face.

Jimena chose Pepe because Carlos failed her when he chose Ángela over her and will not forgive him. He wishes her happiness with Pepe. Paula gives up Ernesto so he can be happy with Nayeli. Nayeli ends up with Ernesto. Tamara ends up alone because of her bad luck with men.

Ofelia and Ulises reunite the whole group Jimena, Nayeli, Tamara, Georgina, Robertito, Johnny, Ernesto, and Pepe at the end. Laura is absent because she is sick. Ulises announces that Ofelia has a life expectancy of at least 10 more years. They celebrate life and friendship together after so much pain and suffering.



# Title Performed by Written by
1. "Amigas y Rivales" Kabah Anaya, María José Loyola; Knupegelmacher, Kaniela Magun; Tapia, Hector Fernando Quijano; Tapia, Janine Patricia Quijano
2. "Entre Amigas" Jackson, Amaury
Jackson, Amaury Lopez; Johnny Lozada
3. "Vuelvo a Intentar" Angélica Vale Hartman, Angelica María Vale
4. "No Sabes Cuánto" Alex Sirvent Barton, Alejandro Sirvent
5. "Amigales y Rivales" Alex Sirvent Barton, Alejandro Sirvent; Ruelas, Raul Cortes
6. "Que Pasó" Johnny Lozada Correa, Johnny Loazada
7. "Vuelvo a Intentar (Version Merengue)" Angélica Vale Hartman, Angelica María Vale; Luis Reynoso Gongora
8. "Ellas" Sirvent, Barton Barton, Alejandro Sirvent
9. "Amigas y Rivales" Angélica Vale Hartman, Angelica María Vale; Luis Reynoso Gongora
10. "Al Ataque Feo" Gabriel Soto Barton, Alejandro Sirvent


Year Award Category Nominee Result
2002 20th TVyNovelas Awards Best Antagonist Actress Joana Benedek Nominated
Best Leading Actor Eric del Castillo Won
Best Female Revelation Angélica Vale Nominated
Best Male Revelation Gabriel Soto Won
Premios Los Favoritos of 2002 Best Telenovela Emilio Larrosa Nominated
Best Actor Arath de la Torre
Best Antagonist Actress Joana Benedek
Best Young Lead Actress Angélica Vale
Ludwika Paleta Won
Best Young Lead Actor Gabriel Soto
Johnny Lozada Nominated
Eduardo Santamarina
Best Female Starring Susana González
Best Male Starring Eric del Castillo


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