Amyntas IV
King of Macedonia
Reign359 BC
PredecessorPerdiccas III of Macedon
SuccessorPhilip II of Macedon
Bornc. 365 BC
Died335 BC[1]
SpouseCynane[2] (cousin)
IssueEurydice II of Macedon[3]
DynastyArgead dynasty
FatherPerdiccas III of Macedon[4]

Amyntas IV (Greek: Ἀμύντας Δ΄) was a titular king of the Greek kingdom of Macedonia in 359 BC and member of the Argead dynasty.[5]


Amyntas was a son of King Perdiccas III of Macedon. He was born in about 365 BC.[6]

After his father's death in 359 BC he became king, but he was only a child. Philip II of Macedon, Perdiccas’ brother, became his tutor and regent. In that same year Philip declared himself king of Macedonia, expropriating his young nephew.

Amyntas was not judged dangerous enough to be a menace to Philip, who even gave him his daughter Cynane in marriage. The succession of Amyntas’ cousin Alexander in 336 BC changed things — Alexander immediately had Amyntas executed.

Eurydice II of Macedon was Amyntas’ daughter.


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Amyntas IV of Macedon Argead dynastyBorn: ca. 365 BC Died: 336 BC Preceded byPerdiccas III King of Macedon 359 BC Succeeded byPhilip II