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In Mandaeism, Anathan or Anatan (Classical Mandaic: ࡀࡍࡀࡕࡀࡍ) is a demon in the World of Darkness (alma ḏ-hšuka) or underworld.[1] He is the husband of Qin, a demoness who is the mother of Ruha and Zahreil. Hibil Ziwa encounters Anathan during his descent to the World of Darkness in Chapter 1 of Book 5 in the Right Ginza. In the aforementioned chapter, Anathan is described as "the warrior of darkness" (qarabtana ḏ-hšuka) and also as a "warlike giant." Together with Qin, the couple is described as the "giants of darkness" (gabaria ḏ-hšuka).[2]


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