Anglo-Saxon England
DisciplineEnglish history
Edited bySimon Keynes, Rosalind Love, Rory Naismith
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ISO 4Anglo-Sax. Engl.
ISSN0263-6751 (print)
1474-0532 (web)
OCLC no.1716466

Anglo-Saxon England is an annual peer-reviewed interdisciplinary academic journal covering the study of various aspects of history, language, and culture in Anglo-Saxon England. It has been published since 1972 by Cambridge University Press and is available in print and digital form. The first forty volumes of the journal included a bibliography porividng an overview of the past year's work in Anglo-Saxon studies; a cumulative bibliography is now available online, published by Cambridge University Press.[1]

The journal's motto, 'here one can still see their track', is drawn from King Alfred's Old English translation of Cura pastoralis.[2] The front cover of every issue of the journal features a picture of the reverse of Alfred's "London Monogram" penny.[3]

Its current editors are Simon Keynes, Rosalind Love and Rory Naismith (all based at the University of Cambridge). Previous editors include Malcolm Godden, Peter A. Clemoes and Michael Lapidge.

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