Angus Donald
Colour photograph of Angus Donald
EducationMaster of Arts in Social Anthropology[1]
Alma materMarlborough College
University of Edinburgh
Genrehistorical fiction
Notable worksOutlaw Chronicles series ‘Fire Born’ series

Angus Donald (born 1965 in China[2]) is a British writer of historical fiction. As of 2020, he has released ten novels and three novellas that loosely follow the story of Alan-a-Dale.


Donald's parents being British diplomats, much of his childhood was spent in various places around the world, including Greece, Hong Kong, Zaire and Indonesia.[3] After graduating from the University of Edinburgh, Donald worked as a fruit-picker in Greece, a waiter in New York and as an "anthropologist studying magic and witchcraft" in Indonesia.[2][3] He subsequently worked as a journalist in Hong Kong, New Delhi, Pakistan, Islamabad and Afghanistan before attempting to write his first novel.[3][4][5]


The Outlaw Chronicles

  1. Outlaw (2009)
  2. Holy Warrior (2010)
  3. King's Man (2011)
  4. Warlord (2012)
  5. Grail Knight (2013)
  6. The Iron Castle (2014)
  7. The King's Assassin (2015)
  8. The Death of Robin Hood (2016)
  9. Robin Hood and the Caliph's Gold (2020)
  10. Robin Hood and the Castle of Bones (2020)

Holcroft Blood Novels

  1. Blood´s Game (2017)
  2. Blood´s Revolution (2018)
  3. Blood´s Campaign (2019)


Fire Born Series


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