Annapolis Group
Founded1993; 31 years ago (1993)
Legal status501(c)(3)[1]
PurposeTo provide a forum for members to advance the cause of liberal arts education on a national scale.[2]
HeadquartersAnnapolis, Maryland, U.S.
Nayef Samhat[3]

The Annapolis Group (officially, the Annapolis Group of Liberal Arts Colleges) is an American organization of independent liberal arts colleges.[4] It represents approximately 130 liberal arts colleges in the United States. These colleges work together to promote a greater understanding of the goals of a liberal arts education through their websites, as well as through independent research. Its current chair is Stephen D. Schutt, the president of Lake Forest College.


The Annapolis Group was first organized in early 1993 in Annapolis, Maryland. Its original members included and expanded upon the Oberlin Group which was first organized in 1984.[5] The Annapolis Group was created by the presidents of Franklin & Marshall College, Gettysburg College, and Dickinson College.[6]








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