Antonov An-178 in military grey colours.jpeg
Role Military transport aircraft
National origin Ukraine
Manufacturer Antonov Serial Production Plant[1]
Design group Antonov
First flight 7 May 2015
Status In production
Number built 1 as of 2020[citation needed]
Developed from Antonov An-158

The Antonov An-178 (Ukrainian: Антонов Ан-178) is a short-range medium-airlift military transport aircraft designed by the Ukrainian Antonov company and based on the Antonov An-158 (An-148-200). It was announced on 5 February 2010, rolled out on 16 April 2015 and the maiden flight was on 7 May 2015.[2][3][4]

The An-178 is proposed to replace outdated aircraft like the An-12, An-26 and An-32.[5] The aircraft will have an avionics suite similar to the An-148, and will use Progress D-436-148FM engines.[citation needed]

The An-178 is a potential competitor for the Embraer KC-390 from Brazil.[6] The company plans to build more than 200 of the aircraft.[7]

Design and development

Antonov An-178 rollout
Antonov An-178 rollout
Antonov An-178 prototype in flight
Antonov An-178 prototype in flight
Antonov An-178 for Ministry of the Interior of Peru in construction (November 2020)
Antonov An-178 for Ministry of the Interior of Peru in construction (November 2020)

An-178 is a high-wing transport aircraft with moderately swept wing, winglets and a T-tail. The airframe is made of aluminium alloys and composite materials. The fuselage is semi-monocoque with a circular cross-section. The retractable landing gear consists of two main wheel bogies and a dual nose wheel. The flight control system is dual duplex fly-by-wire system, consisting of two parts: FCS-A and FCS-B, each of which is responsible for two control channels. The flight control surfaces include ailerons near the wing tips, four control spoilers, six lift-dump/speed-brake spoilers, rudder and elevators, with an emergency mechanical cable back-up system. The powerplant consists of two Progress D-436-148FM turbofan engines, mounted on pylons under the wings and an auxiliary power unit.[citation needed] It can shift 18 tonnes over 1,000 km, or 10 tonnes over 4,000 km.[8]

The aircraft was derived from the 99-seat An-158 regional airliner and was fitted with the commonized F1 fuselage nose section with the identical flight deck, wing panels, empennage and most of the onboard systems.[9] The fuselage however was newly created with an enlarged diameter that had grown from 3.35 m to 3.9 m, which has resulted in an enlarged cargo hold - the cargo cabin cross section increased to 2.75 m by 2.75 m.[9] Aside from the wing structure, outer panels (including winglets), front fuselage nose, cockpit and nose landing gear which come from the An-158, there is an extra pair of tandem main-wheels on each side.[10] The aircraft made its Western debut at the 2015 Paris Air Show.[11][12]

There are reports that future production-standard aircraft will have a longer wingspan while retaining the organic wing panels of the An-158. Its maximal takeoff weight would increase to an estimated 56 tons. Later production variants would need turbofan engines with a thrust of about 9,500 kgf to have the characteristics required. The planned engine may be the new-generation in-development Ivchenko-Progress AI-28 turbofan. The decision was made to fit the An-178 prototype with less powerful D-436-148FM engines in the interim. The D-436-148FM is a derivative of the production-standard D-436-148 with an upgraded fan, which boosted the takeoff thrust to 7,800 kgf and at emergency power rating to 8,580 kgf.[9]


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