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Apache Marmotta
Developer(s)Apache Software Foundation
Initial releaseOctober 3, 2013; 8 years ago (2013-10-03)
Stable release
3.4.0 / June 12, 2018; 4 years ago (2018-06-12)
RepositoryMarmotta Repository
Written inJava
Available inEnglish
TypeTriplestore, rule reasoner
LicenseApache License 2.0

Apache Marmotta is a linked data platform that comprises several components. In its most basic configuration it is a Linked Data server.[1][2] Marmotta is one of the reference projects early implementing the new Linked Data Platform[3][4][5] recommendation that is being developed by W3C.

It has been contributed by Salzburg Research from the Linked Media Framework,[6][7][8][9] and continues its versioning, hence starting at version 3.0.0.

Since April 2013, it is listed among the Semantic Web tools by the W3C.[10]

In November 2020, it was retired to the Apache Attic, meaning that the project is no longer being developed.[11]


The project is split in several parts: the platform itself, which includes full Read Write Linked Data, SPARQL, LDP, Reasoning, and basic security. In addition to the platform, the project develops some libraries can also be used separately:


Linked Media Framework (pre-Apache)

Apache Marmotta is the continuation of the open source Linked Media Framework published in early 2012.[13][14]

Apache Marmotta

Notable users


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