GenreScience fiction
Location(s)Houston, Texas
CountryUnited States
Attendance~450 (2012)
Organized byHouston Science Fiction Association
Filing status501(c)3

ApolloCon was a science fiction convention held annually in Houston, Texas by the Houston Science Fiction Association (HSFA), a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.

ApolloCon offers information and entertainment for fans of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other genres of speculative and imaginative fiction in all their forms, including literary, media, and interactive gaming.


ApolloCon offers discussion panels on literary, media, science and culture topics. These include several discussions that focus on space exploration and astronomy, drawing participants from Houston's space sciences industries and other groups.

In addition to its discussion panels, ApolloCon hosts an exhibition hall for vendors of books and other merchandise, an art show and auction, a full schedule of LARP, gaming, filk music, video programming, a judged masquerade, plus networking opportunities for clubs and individual fans. Guests are typically writers and editors, artists, scientists, musicians, actors, and fans in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.[1]

Past conventions

Community participation

ApolloCon is largely conducted by and for local fan based communities which are in turn interwoven with each other. The motto "We are them and they are us" is often used to describe the inter-relationship. Notable organizations that have participated in past ApolloCons include Artist Trading Cards, Bayou City Browncoats, Houston Costume Group, Houston Sci-Fi Video, Houston SF & Fantasy Writers, Houston SF Book Exchange Network, Houston SF Ritual Breakfast, Inklings Roundtable of Houston, Several Unlimited, SF Writers Meetup, South Texas Squad of the 501st Legion, Space City Trade Federation, Star Trek Houston, Starbase Houston, USS Firebird NCC-74919, and USS SpiritWolf NCC-74300.


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