Approximately Infinite Universe
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Studio album by
Released8 January 1973 (1973-01-08)
RecordedMid-October–late November 1972
StudioThe Record Plant and Butterfly, New York City
ProducerJohn Lennon, Yoko Ono
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Some Time in New York City
Approximately Infinite Universe
Feeling the Space
Singles from Approximately Infinite Universe
  1. "Now or Never" / "Move on Fast"
    Released: 13 November 1972 (US)
  2. "Death of Samantha" / "Yang Yang"
    Released: 26 February 1973 (US); 4 May 1973 (UK)
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Approximately Infinite Universe is a double album by Yoko Ono, released in early 1973 on Apple Records. It represents a departure from the experimental avant garde rock of her first two albums towards a more conventional pop/rock sound, while also dabbling in feminist rock. It peaked at number 193 in the United States. The 1997 CD reissue on Rykodisc added two acoustic demos of songs from this era,[4] that were later released on 1981's Season of Glass. It was released again by Rykodisc in 2007.[5]

The album was recorded at The Record Plant in New York City, except for the basic tracks for "Catman" and "Winter Song", which were taped at Butterfly Studios. Ono produced the album with John Lennon, whose participation marked a rare music-related activity for him after the failure of the couple's politically themed 1972 double album Some Time in New York City. Lennon also sang the final verse of the song, "I Want My Love to Rest Tonight." As on the latter album, Ono used the New York band Elephant's Memory as her backing musicians. Mick Jagger dropped into the studio for some of the sessions. He recalled playing guitar very loudly with Lennon. Jagger also said that Ono "was really trying to sing properly. She's not screaming, she's really trying to sing."[6]

The inside gatefold sleeve contained Ono's essay "The Feminization of Society". An abridged version of this essay was previously published in The New York Times in February 1972. The full essay was published in Sundance Magazine in May 1972.

Track listing

All songs written by Yoko Ono.

Original release

Side one

  1. "Yang Yang" – 3:52
  2. "Death of Samantha" – 6:23
  3. "I Want My Love to Rest Tonight" – 5:11
  4. "What Did I Do!" – 4:11
  5. "Have You Seen a Horizon Lately?" – 1:55

Side two

  1. "Approximately Infinite Universe" – 3:19
  2. "Peter the Dealer" – 4:43
  3. "Song for John" – 2:02
  4. "Catman (The Rosies Are Coming)" – 5:29
  5. "What a Bastard the World Is" – 4:33
  6. "Waiting for the Sunrise" – 2:32

Side three

  1. "I Felt Like Smashing My Face in a Clear Glass Window" – 4:09
  2. "Winter Song" – 3:37
  3. "Kite Song" – 3:19
  4. "What a Mess" – 2:41
  5. "Shiranakatta (I Didn't Know)" – 3:13
  6. "Air Talk" – 3:21

Side four

  1. "I Have a Woman Inside My Soul" – 5:31
  2. "Move on Fast" – 3:40
  3. "Now or Never" – 4:57
  4. "Is Winter Here to Stay?" – 4:27
  5. "Looking Over from My Hotel Window" – 3:30

CD reissue

Tracks 1–22 per sides one to four of the original album, with the following bonus tracks on disc two:

  1. "Dogtown" (acoustic demo) – 2:51
  2. "She Gets Down on Her Knees" (acoustic demo) – 2:45


Production credits


Chart (1973) Peak
U.S. Billboard 200 193 4

Release history

Country Date Format Label Catalog
United States 8 January 1973 2xLP Apple Records SVBB 3399
2x8-Track 8VV 3399
United Kingdom 16 February 1973 2xLP SAPDO 1001[7]
Japan 1973 EAP-93087B
France 2C162-94221/2[8]
United States 10 June 1997[9] 2xCD Rykodisc RCD 10417/18
United Kingdom 22 June 1997[10]
Japan 1997 VACK-5373/4
24 January 2007 Rykodisc, Apple Records VACK-1310[11]
United States & Europe 14 July 2017 2xLP Secretly Canadian, Chimera Music SC283/CHIM22
2xLP (White)
Japan 2 August 2017 2xCD Sony Records International SICX-86[12]
9 August 2017 2xLP (White) SIJP-51[13]

In popular culture

The post-punk rock band Death of Samantha, founded in 1983, named themselves after a song from this album, also called "Death of Samantha".[14]


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