Approve Dignity
Apruebo Dignidad
LeaderGabriel Boric
Party presidentsAlondra Arellano (CS)
Guillermo Teillier (PCCh)
Margarita Portuguez (RD)
Jaime Mulet (FREVS)
Jorge Ramírez (Comunes)
FoundersDaniel Jadue
Gabriel Boric
Founded11 January 2021; 16 months ago (2021-01-11)
Preceded byPliego Popular[1][2]
HeadquartersSantiago de Chile
Think tankConstituent Observatory Apruebo Dignidad
Youth wingJóvenes Apruebo Dignidad
Women's wingFeministas Apruebo Dignidad
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Socialism of the 21st century
Direct democracy
Social democracy
Green politics
Christian left
Political positionLeft-wing[4][5][6][7][8] to far-left[9][10]
Coalition membersBroad Front
Democratic Revolution
Social Convergence
Unir Movement
Common Force
Chile Digno
Communist Party
Humanist Action
Christian Left
Colours  Light red
Constitutional Convention
28 / 155
Chamber of Deputies
37 / 155
5 / 50

Apruebo Dignidad ([aˈpɾ diɣ.niˈðað]; in English, Approve Dignity, AD) is a left-wing to far-left Chilean electoral coalition officially created on 11 January 2021, by the Broad Front and Chile Digno in preparation for the Constitutional Convention election.[11][12]


The Apruebo Dignidad pact has its origins in the attempt to reunite the left into a large conglomerate. In the midst of the pandemic, there were various attempts to seek unity in the opposition. One of them was Popular Sheet (Spanish: Pliego Popular), a platform that led left-wing political parties and movements with the intention of pushing left-of-centre economic proposals in Congress.[13][2]

Its members include the Broad Front, Chile Digno, Social Unity Table, Community for Dignity, among other organizations. On 5 February 2021, the central principals of the coalition for the drafting of the New Constitution were defined. This event was attended by social and political figures such as Beatriz Sánchez, Fernando Atria, Bárbara Figueroa, Emilia Schneider, Bastián Bodenhöfer, Patricia López, Tatiana Urrutia, Marcos Barraza, Bárbara Sepúlveda Hales, and others.[14]

After successful constituent elections, the parties confirmed a presidential primary and the formalization of the electoral coalition on 19 May, amid failed talks with the Socialist Party. These primaries summon the standard-bearer and current mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, who is supported by Chile Digno composed of the Communist Party and the Social Green Regionalist Federation,[15] and also the Equality Party.[16] On the other side, there is the current deputy, Gabriel Boric, who is supported by the Broad Front, as a whole.[17][18]

On 18 July 2021, the primaries of Apruebo Dignidad were held, giving as the winner the militant of Social Convergence, Gabriel Boric, who will go on behalf of the coalition for the presidential elections in November.[19][20] Also, in the midst of talks, the possibility of the conglomerate going on a single list for the parliamentary elections is being considered.[21]

On Thursday, 12 August, the conglomerate launched the Constituent Observatory Apruebo Dignidad, a think tank that brings together four study centers of parties and movements that are members of the coalition: Saberes Colectivos (Broad Front), Rumbo Colectivo (Democratic Revolution), La Casa Común (Common Force) and the Alejandro Lipschutz Institute of Sciences (Communist Party). The main objective of the project is the need to forge links between the Constitutional Convention and civil society for the monitoring and lifting of constitutional proposals, in addition to strengthening relations between the parties and movements that make up Apruebo Dignidad.[22]

On 11 August, the parliamentary list of Apruebo Dignidad was formalized, composed of the parties and movements of the conglomerate that have parliamentary representation (RD, CS, Comunes, Unir, PC, FREVS, AH). The objective of the bench is to improve parliamentary coordination in debates in Congress in the future; such as the 40-hour law, the tax on the super rich, among others. Likewise, the event ratified the support for Gabriel Boric's candidacy for the presidency.[23] The Equality Party decided not to support Boric and raise a parallel parliamentary list with the Humanist Party called Dignidad Ahora.[24][25]

2021 presidential election

Boric obtained 25.83% of the votes in the first round of the presidential election, securing his place in a run-off against José Antonio Kast of the Christian Social Front, who received 27.91% of the preferences.[26] In the second round, that took place on 19 December, he won 55.87% of the votes, becoming president-elect of Chile.[27] He was sworn in on 11 March 2022.


Party Abbr. Leader Ideology Coalition
Partido Comunista de Chile.svg
Communist Party of Chile
Partido Comunista de Chile
PCCh Guillermo Teillier Communism
Chile Digno Logo.png
Chile Digno
Federacion Regionalista Verde Social (recorte).png
Social Green Regionalist Federation
Federación Regionalista Verde Social
FREVS Jaime Mulet Regionalism
Green politics
Logo de Acción Humanista Chile.png
Humanist Action
Acción Humanista
AH Tomás Hirsch New humanism
Social ecology
Izquierda cristiana chile.svg
Christian Left of Chile
Izquierda Cristiana de Chile
IC Víctor Osorio Reyes Christian left
Christian socialism
Logo of the Democratic Revolution.svg
Democratic Revolution
Revolución Democrática
RD Catalina Pérez Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Broad Front
Convergencia Social (recorte).png
Social Convergence
Convergencia Social
CS Gabriel Boric Libertarian socialism
Comunes logo 2020.png
Comunes Camila Quiroz Socialism of the 21st century
Logo of the Unir Movement.svg
Unite Movement
Movimiento Unir
UNIR Marcelo Díaz Díaz Progressivism
Social democracy
Logo of the Common Force.svg
Common Force
Fuerza Común
FC Fernando Atria Progressivism
Social democracy

Former members

Party Abbr. Leader Ideology Membership Coalition
Partido Igualdad.png
Equality Party
Partido Igualdad
PI Guillermo González Socialism of the 21st century
until August 2021
Chile Digno Logo.png
Chile Digno (Jun–Aug 2021)
Logo of the Libertarian Left (Chile) (Oct. 2020).svg
Libertarian Left
Izquierda Libertaria
IL none Left-libertarianism
Libertarian socialism
until August 2021 Chile Digno

Election results

Presidential elections

Election year Candidate 1st Round 2nd Round Results
# Votes % Votes # Votes % Votes
2021 Gabriel Boric (CS) 1,815,024 25.82 4,620,890 55.87 Elected

Constitutional Convention

Election Leader Votes % Seats +/– Rank Majority
2021 Daniel Jadue
Gabriel Boric
1,069,225 18.74
28 / 155
New 2nd AD+LdP+LdA+INN

Congress election

Election year Chamber of Deputies Senate Majo
# Votes % Votes Seats # Votes % Votes Seats
37 / 155
5 / 50


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