Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceGarth:
Adventure Comics #269 (February 1960)
Jackson Hyde:
Brightest Day #4 (August 2010)
Created byGarth:
Robert Bernstein
Ramona Fradon
Jackson Hyde:
Brandon Vietti
Greg Weisman
Phil Bourassa
In-story information
Alter egoGarth
Jackson Hyde
Place of originAtlantis
Notable aliasesJackson Hyde
  • Underwater breathing
  • Swimming at superspeed
  • Super strength
  • Underwater pressure resistance

Aqualad is the name of two fictional comic book superheroes appearing in media published by DC Entertainment. The first Aqualad, Garth, debuted in February 1960 in Adventure Comics #269 and was created by writer Robert Bernstein and artist Ramona Fradon.[1] This Aqualad also appeared in animated form on television in 1967 and 1968.

The second Aqualad, "Kaldur" Kaldur'ahm, originally debuted in 2010, created for the Young Justice animated television series by Brandon Vietti, Greg Weisman and Phil Bourassa. Several months prior to the launch of the cartoon, an altered version of the character introduced as Jackson Hyde was brought into comic books by writer Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis.

The Garth version of Aqualad made his live-action debut in the television series Titans, played by Drew Van Acker.[2]

Fictional character biography


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Years ago, King Thar and his wife Queen Berra became the reigning monarchs of Shayeris, the capital of a group of Idyllist colonies in the Hidden Valley. Radical Idyllists deposed and murdered King Thar and banished his pregnant wife Queen Berra to Poseidonis, the capital city of Atlantis; there she gave birth to Garth, a child with purple eyes. Superstitious Atlanteans claimed that Garth had been born genetically inferior due to his purple eyes and banished him to a barren seabed leagues away from Atlantis. He survived and later befriended Aquaman, the sometimes outcast King of Atlantis. He was a founding member of the Teen Titans, and later became known as Tempest.

Kaldur'ahm (Jackson Hyde)

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Jackson Hyde first appeared in Brightest Day #10 (September 2010).[3] This coincides with the appearance of Aqualad in the Young Justice animated series (albeit using the name Kaldur'ahm).[4][5] According to Johns, the new Aqualad is named Jackson Hyde, and is a black teenager from New Mexico.[3] In a teaser poster for the Brightest Day event, he is shown using "hard water" abilities to create a sword.[6] This ability had previously been thought to belong exclusively to Aquaman's wife, Mera, and people from her world.

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