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Arctic Midnight Orienteering
DatePrimo July[1]
Event typeFell running
Primary sponsorProfil Optik
H.A.P.s Agentur[2]

The Arctic Midnight Orienteering or the AMO is an annual orienteering event usually held in the last week of June at Ilulissat. The run consist of 3 – 4 races over 4 days which is; the Unofficial North Greenland championships in classic orienteering, Sprint (running) and the Extreme Race Arctic Midnight Orienteering at about (5 km or 3.1 mi), (10 km or 6.2 mi), (15 km or 9.3 mi) and (20 km or 12 mi) difficult orienteering in physically demanding terrain.

Orienteering maps of an area of (15 km2 or 5.8 sq mi) in 1:10.000 and 1:15.000, contour interval 5 m.

32° magnetic course.

Midnight sun, open scenery, ocean, bay, islands and a lot of icebergs.

Clean fresh air, 5-15 °C and a mean monthly rainfall of 30 mm.

The race is organized by Ilulissat Orienteering Greenland (IOG) and has been run every year since 1999.

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