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Army War College
युध्दाय कृत निश्चयः (Sanskrit)
Motto in English
Enter into Battle with Resolve
TypeDefence Service Training Institute
War college
Established1 April 1971[1]
CommandantLieutenant General Devendra Pratap Pandey UYSM, AVSM, VSM
Mhow (Dr. Ambedkar Nagar)
, ,
Campus533.5 acres (2.159 km2)
AffiliationsDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore

The Army War College, Mhow (A.W.C.) is a defence service training and research institution of the Indian Army located in Mhow, Madhya Pradesh. It is a leading seat of warfare and carries out research in tactics, logistics, contemporary military studies and improvement in military doctrine. The college trains about 1,200 officers of the Indian Armed Forces, as well as paramilitary forces each year.

The college is led by the Commandant, a three-star officer from the Indian Army. The present Commandant is Lieutenant General DP Pandey UYSM, AVSM, VSM.[2]


The college was originally established as the College of Combat at Mhow on 1 April 1971. It was spun out of the Infantry School, Mhow. It continued to operate from the campus of the Infantry School until 1988, when the college moved to its new campus. In 2003, the college was renamed as the Army War College, Mhow.


A.W.C. develops doctrines and trains Army personnel for operations in existing environments to which the Indian Army forces are typically deployed, keeping in mind the modern technology and systems they encounter.[3] A.W.C. aims to train forces for synchronised operation with other services of the armed forces.[4]

It develops and validates new operational and logistic concepts through conceptual studies, war games, discussions and seminars.

The courses offered at A.W.C. include the Higher Command Course, the Senior Command Course, the Junior Command Course and the Defence Management Course. The Higher Command course (HCC) is a part of a Master of Philosophy programme in Defence Management, affiliated with the Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (also known as Indore University). The HCC is aimed at officers of the rank of Colonel, Captain and Group Captain who have completed their command tenure.

About 1,200 officers of the Indian Army and Indian paramilitary forces undergo training at A.W.C. each year. In addition, about 100 officers of foreign armies also go through A.W.C. courses annually.[1]

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