Art competitions were held as part of the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. Medals were awarded in five categories (architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture), for works inspired by sport-related themes.[1]

Art competitions were part of the Olympic program from 1912 to 1948, but were discontinued due to concerns about amateurism and professionalism. Since 1952, a non-competitive art and cultural festival has been associated with each Games.[2]

Medal summary

Category Gold Silver Bronze
Architecture none awarded  Alfréd Hajós and Dezső Lauber (HUN)
Plan for a stadium
 Julien Médecin (MON)
Stadium for Monte Carlo
Literature  Géo-Charles (FRA)
"Jeux Olympiques"
 Josef Petersen (DEN)
 Charles Gonnet (FRA)
"Vers le Dieu d'Olympie"
 Margaret Stuart (GBR)
"Sword Songs"
 Oliver Gogarty (IRL)
"Ode to the Tailteann Games"
Music none awarded none awarded none awarded
Painting  Jean Jacoby (LUX)
"Corner", "Départ", and "Rugby"
 Jack Butler Yeats (IRL)
"The Liffey Swim"
 Johan van Hell (NED)
Sculpture  Konstantinos Dimitriadis (GRE)
"Discobole Finlandais"
 Frantz Heldenstein (LUX)
"Vers l'olympiade"
 Jean René Gauguin (DEN)
 Claude-Léon Mascaux (FRA)
Sports medals

Medal table

At the time, medals were awarded to these artists, but art competitions are no longer regarded as official Olympic events by the International Olympic Committee. These events do not appear in the IOC medal database,[3] and these totals are not included in the IOC's medal table for the 1924 Games.[4]

1 Luxembourg (LUX)1102
2 France (FRA)1023
3 Greece (GRE)1001
4 Denmark (DEN)0112
 Ireland (IRL)0112
6 Great Britain (GBR)0101
 Hungary (HUN)0101
8 Monaco (MON)0011
 Netherlands (NED)0011
Totals (9 entries)35614

Events summary


The following architects took part:[5]

Rank Name Country
1 not awarded
2 Alfréd Hajós, Dezső Lauber  Hungary
3 Julien Médécin  Monaco
AC Sonja Carstensen  Denmark
AC Dolf Broese van Groenou, Samuel de Clercq  Netherlands
AC Henri Guerbois, Maurice Dambrun  France
AC Oscar Gundlach-Pedersen  Denmark
AC Jens Christian Kofoed  Denmark
AC Nico Lansdorp  Netherlands
AC Amedeo Lavini  Italy
AC Ejnar Mindedal Rasmussen  Denmark
AC Kay Schrøder  Denmark
AC Herman van der Kloot Meijburg  Netherlands
AC Edmond Virieux, Léo Rocco  Switzerland
AC Marinus Granpré Molière, Jos Klijnen, Pieter Verhagen  Netherlands
AC Hendrik Happé  Netherlands


The following writers took part:[6]

Rank Name Country
1 Géo-Charles  France
2 Dorothy Margaret Stuart  Great Britain
2 Josef Petersen  Denmark
3 Charles Anthoine Gonnet  France
3 Oliver St. John Gogarty  Ireland
AC Brinsley MacNamara  Ireland
AC Miami Belle Louis  United States
AC Patrick Chalmers  Great Britain
AC Robert Graves  Great Britain
AC Albert Laisant  France
AC T. C. Murray  Ireland
Rank Name Country
AC Smart  Switzerland
AC Klaus Suomela  Finland
AC A. Christory  France
AC A. Godinat  France
AC A. Schmitt  Switzerland
AC Charles Williams  Great Britain
AC France Darget Savarit  France
AC Gonzague de Reynold  Switzerland
AC Franz Servais  Luxembourg
AC George Bamber  Great Britain
AC H. Vincent  France
Rank Name Country
AC Henry de Montherlant  France
AC I. Couturier  United States
AC Jacques Gazeau  France
AC J. Ryan  Ireland
AC L. Alvar da Silva  Brazil
AC L. A. Fernández  Uruguay
AC Lionel Montal  France
AC Marcel Berger  France
AC Peshoton Dubash  Great Britain
AC Suzanne Ardoin  France


The following composers took part:[7]

Rank Name Country
1 not awarded
2 not awarded
3 not awarded
AC Gerry  France
AC George Bamber  Great Britain
AC Henry Masquilier Thiriez  France
AC J. Richard  France
AC Ruby Reynolds-Lewis  Australia
AC Marius Ulfrstad  Norway
AC Suzanne Daneau  Belgium
AC Jaap Kool  Netherlands


The following painters took part:[8]

Rank Name Country
1 Jean Jacoby  Luxembourg
2 Jack Yeats  Ireland
3 Johan van Hell  Netherlands
AC T. Elsen  Belgium
AC Médard Tytgat  Belgium
AC Johan Vilhelm Andersen  Denmark
AC Christian Asmussen  Denmark
AC Folmer Bonnén  Denmark
AC Sigurd Kielland Brandt  Denmark
AC Mogens Lorentzen  Denmark
AC Aase Lundsteen  Denmark
AC Knud Merrild  Denmark
AC Sigurd Swane  Denmark
AC Enayat Allah Ibrahim  Egypt
AC Georges Achille-Fould  France
AC R. G. P. Baron  France
AC René Besserve  France
AC Simone Boutarel  France
AC Maurice Busset  France
AC Marguerite Carpentier  France
AC Géo Cim  France
AC Madeleine Cotty  France
Rank Name Country
AC Paul de Plument de Bailhac  France
AC Léon Auguste Derruau  France
AC Georges Rasetti  France
AC R. M. A. Guimbert  France
AC Jean Guinard  France
AC Pauline Lacroix  France
AC Louise Amélie Landré  France
AC Jacques Henri Lartigue  France
AC Paul Lorrette  France
AC Yvonne Meley  France
AC André Planson  France
AC Henri Jean Pontoy  France
AC René Roussel  France
AC Hélène Schwab  France
AC Lucien Seevagen  France
AC Georges Villa  France
AC Pierre Segond-Weber  France
AC George Bamber  Great Britain
AC Charles Simpson  Great Britain
AC Seán Keating  Ireland
AC John Lavery  Ireland
AC Jack Yeats  Ireland
Rank Name Country
AC Albert Simon  Luxembourg
AC Bas Veth  Netherlands
AC Jos Croin  Netherlands
AC Freek Engel  Netherlands
AC Ed Gerdes  Netherlands
AC Isaac Israëls  Netherlands
AC Martin Monnickendam  Netherlands
AC Max Nauta  Netherlands
AC Egbert Schaap  Netherlands
AC Willy Sluiter  Netherlands
AC Cornelis Vreedenburgh  Netherlands
AC Piet van der Hem  Netherlands
AC Willem van Hasselt  Netherlands
AC Cornelis van Steenwijk  Netherlands
AC Bernard van Vlijmen  Netherlands
AC Hendrik Jan Wolter  Netherlands
AC Aleksandr Yakovlev Russia Russia
AC Mariya Princess Nizharadze Russia Russia
AC Oscar Früh  Switzerland
AC Albert Welti  Switzerland
AC R. A. M. Guilmart  France


The following sculptors took part:[9]

Rank Name Country
1 Konstantinos Dimitriadis  Greece
2 Frantz Heldenstein  Luxembourg
3 Claude-Léon Mascaux  France
3 Jean René Gauguin  Denmark
AC Victor Demanet  Belgium
AC Johannes Kragh  Denmark
AC José Clará  Spain
AC Lucien Alliot  France
AC René Andrei  France
AC Raoul Bénard  France
AC Marcel Bouraine  France
AC Eugène Bourgoin  France
AC Marguerite Carpentier  France
AC Félix Charpentier  France
AC François Cogné  France
AC Alfred Cros  France
AC Albert David  France
AC Louis Delapchier  France
AC Joé Descomps-Cormier  France
AC Édouard Drouot  France
AC Georges Engrand  France
AC Édouard Fraisse  France
AC Berthe Girardet  France
Rank Name Country
AC Henri Gréber  France
AC Maurice Guiraud-Rivière  France
AC Georges Halbout  France
AC Elie Hervier, Pierre-Amédée Plasait  France
AC Raoul Lamourdedieu, Camille Ravot  France
AC Pierre Richard-Willm  France
AC Marie Rosenfeld  France
AC Henri Raphaël Moncassin  France
AC Raoul Josset  France
AC Raymond Rivoire  France
AC Paul Landowski  France
AC Ernesta Robert-Mérignac  France
AC Paul Richer  France
AC Alexandre Maspoli  France
AC Louis Tauzin  France
AC Lucien Marinier  France
AC Jean Verschneider  France
AC Francisque Michot  France
AC Camille Ravot  France
AC Katherine Maltwood  Great Britain
AC Oliver Sheppard  Ireland
AC Antonietta Paoli Pogliani  Italy
AC Vincenzo Gemito  Italy
Rank Name Country
AC Amleto Cataldi  Italy
AC Anders Svor  Norway
AC Sofus Madsen  Norway
AC Fanie Eloff  South Africa
AC Constant Vez  Switzerland
AC Oscar Waldmann  Switzerland
AC Georg Eichhorn  Switzerland
AC Hans Frei  Switzerland
AC Marguerite Anne de Blonay  Switzerland
AC Julius Schwyzer  Switzerland
AC Frédéric Schmied  Switzerland
AC Jean Dušek  Czechoslovakia
AC Jakub Obrovský  Czechoslovakia
AC Sergey Yuryevich Russia Russia
AC Ivan Zajec  Yugoslavia
AC F. Kroly  Yugoslavia
AC Frane Cota  Yugoslavia
AC Henri Bouchard  France
AC Paul Roger-Bloche  France
AC Juraj Škarpa  Yugoslavia
AC Henri Dropsy  France


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