The Associated Motion Picture Advertisers (also known as the Association of Motion Picture Advertisers) was an organization founded in New York City in 1916.[1]

The founding members of the association were: Arthur James, Metro Pictures; Harry Reichenbach, Frohman Amusement Company; S. B. Van Horn, World Film Company; Wallace Thompson, Paramount Pictures; Hopp Hadley, Mutual Film; A. S. Levino, Arrow Film; Terry Ramsaye, Mutual Film; Harry King Toole, Gaumont, Paul Gulick, Universal; Nat G. Rothstein, Universal; Joe Brandt, Universal; Julian M. Solomon, Jr., Morosco-Pallas; Henry James, Metro Pictures; Charles E. Moyer, Paramount Pictures; E. Richard Schayer, L. J. Selznick Enterprises; E. Lanning Masters, V-L-S-E, Incorporated;[2] Victor Mansfield Shapiro, V-L-S-E, Incorporated George T. Gerhard, V-L-S-E, Incorporated; Jacques Kopfstein, Ivan Film; John C. Flinn, Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company; Carl H. Pierce, Oliver Morosco Photoplay Company; Pete Schmid, Pallas Pictures; Charles C. Burr, Paramount Pictures; Ben Schulberg, Famous Players Film Company.[3]

The organization remained active for the next four decades.[4]


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